Beware of Cults frequenting Facebook!

Beware of the cult members frequenting this Group that deny the Deity of Jesus Christ!
Jesus Christ the Son is coequal with God the Father concerning their Deity as is the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ, concerning His flesh, is obedient to the Father in all things…this does NOT nullify the deity of Jesus but substantiates a delineation of authority in the Godhead for righteousness and order and as our example.
God the Father loves the Son and has given ALL things into His hand…this includes your salvation and Jesus has warned you that unless you believe He is “I AM”…you will die in your sins (John 8:24; Exodus 3:14).
Belief in Jesus as God who died to pay our sin-debt is what separates Heaven from Hell, Life from death, Light from darkness, cults/sects from Christianity-Truth. If you reject the deity of Jesus Christ you have stumbled over the Stumbling Stone (Romans 9:33; Isaiah 28:16) and you will not see life in God’s Kingdom!
jesus - the father loves the son and has given all things into his hands

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