Atheist mocks Scriptural Integrity and Physical Attributes of Messiah as Portrayed by Artist. A discussion…

Atheist mocks the integrity of the Scriptures and man’s portrayal of Jesus’ physical characteristics. Let’s discuss that…

Atheist, Mark D, stated: “Here we have a picture of Jesus [photo in Mark’s OP] as many people today would like to see him. He is white, and in a position of power and authority. The picture is far removed from the historical Jesus, who was olive-skinned and poor. Instead of a Scandinavian-looking King, he was Jewish and a handyman. The picture is pure fiction, but it is an image that is embraced by millions of believers. Like the picture, the gospels represent a fictionalized Jesus. They were written around 30 plus years after Jesus’ death, and the stories about Jesus have little, if anything, to do with the historical Jesus. Christians over the centuries have made Jesus into what they wanted, but if the real Jesus came back today, he would be saddened and shocked by their misguided and selfish efforts. Thoughts?”

Response to the atheist…

1) Concerning the integrity of the Holy Scriptures

I find it pathetically saddening that hopeless, lost, spiritually dead, atheists blindly mimic heretics like Bart Ehrman, Dan Brown, Richard Carrier, who are demonically-inspired servants of Satan, the one Jesus Christ identified as a “murderer” and the “father of lies” (John 8:44). I can assure anyone who reads this response to Mark’s atheistic nonsense, that the same God who created this vast Universe and meticulously crafted the unfathomable and complex human genome, this same Creator is fully capable of providing Human KIND with documentation accurately articulating His Plan and purposes for Time, Eternity and our individual lives.

Mark, NO ONE alive today knows what records, writings, notes, were made by the Apostles and those who followed Messiah during His 3.5-years of ministry on this Earth. I have no doubt that those who witnessed the Earth shaking works of Messiah instantaneously chronicled/recorded what Jesus said and did and though the first published or copied records of these events publicly surfaced some-years subsequent to Messiah’s Ascension, it is foolish to believe that personally observed accounts, eye-witness accounts of Jesus’ works were not recorded, documented, the moment they manifest before the eyes of men. The records were obviously kept secret, hidden, from the hellish hate manifest by Rome’s authority figures in those tumultuous years.

It is also foolish to believe that the Holy Spirit, Who Authored the Scriptures (2 Timothy 3:16-17), did not provide meticulous oversight as to what was written and by whom. I do grow weary of reading the satanic propaganda of the atheist as they kick against the goads in their ridiculous fight against Scriptural integrity; but again, Satan and his minions, the atheist, are wretched haters of Truth and a righteous life.

It is written…

“but these have been written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing you may have life in His name.” John 20:31 (NASB)

“And there are also many other things which Jesus did, which if they were written in detail, I suppose that even the world itself would not contain the books that would be written.” John 21:25 (NASB)

2) Concerning the physical appearance of Messiah-Jesus

Where you fail in your atheistic spiritual lack of knowledge, Mark, once again, is you don’t read and study the most relevant and historically-eternally significant writings ever provided mankind i.e. the Holy Scriptures (2 Timothy 2:15). The Holy Spirit has told us that the natural man, those deceived by doctrines of demons espoused by modern servants of Satan such as Darwin, Dillahunty, Hitchens, Dawkins, Harris, Ra, Gervais, Bart Ehrman, Dan Brown, Richard Carrier…on-and-on-and-on they go…when you listen to these demonic servants and their deceptive filth, you will naturally live a subpar life and clamor for death in sin and death in Hell in atheistic insanity (1 Corinthians 2:14; 1 Corinthians 15:33).

The Scriptures tell us that Messiah was not a necessarily attractive individual but that He was very humble, plain in appearance, someone that you would pass on the street and not give a second-glance (Isaiah 53:2). Jesus was most likely a stone mason during the years He worked with His Earthly father, Joseph. Apparently, Jesus was very humble, kind, compassionate, loving yet incredibly strong physically as evidenced by the torture, the flesh and muscle ripping scourging He received and successfully endured prior to His execution by suffocation on a Roman Cross.

3) Jesus’ personality and purpose

Jesus Christ is God who manifest in the flesh not to glorify Himself or impress you, Mark; Jesus came to humbly and obediently give Himself as a blood-sacrifice for the sins of humanity thereby offering you and offering me a pardon from death in sin and death in Hell (Philippians 2:8); this pardon can be freely accessed by anyone willing to humble them self, admit they’re a sinner in need of forgiveness, repent of their sin and sincerely believe in their heart, confess with their mouth that Jesus Christ is God who died to pay our sin-debt and that He was resurrected from the dead for our justification leading to Eternal life (Romans 10:9-10).

Jesus clearly articulated that this World is NOT His home or His Kingdom (John 18:36) and that He came to us as the humble, suffering, Lamb of God not to be served but to serve and give Himself as a ransom for you and for me out of obedience and love for God the Father (Matthew 20:28). Sadly, men who gleefully serve the fleshly fallen-nature, exemplified by the demonically inspired atheist in our lost and dying World, find solace in mocking the images of Jesus Christ published by those who have not a clue relevant to the physical characteristics of my Lord, a First-Century AD Jew from the Tribe of Judah; but have no fear Mark, if you die as an atheist, you will see Jesus Christ face-to-face at the “Great White Throne Judgment” AKA the Judgment of the Condemned and you WILL bend a knee before Him and confess Him as Lord to the glory of God the Father; problem is, Mark, the Age of Grace will have passed for you at the point of your death in the body; therefore, Jesus Christ will adjudicate you “guilty” of sin, your name will NOT be found written the Lamb’s Book of Life and you will ultimately lose your body and your soul in Hell for your disobedience and rebellion and rejection of Jesus as Lord and Mediator for your sin (Philippians 2:10-11; Revelation 20:11-15; Matthew 10:28).

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

Jesus - not attractive

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