Atheist claims Religion is destructive in a Child’s life; is it? A Discussion…

Children and religion, good or bad?

Gary Labuscagne stated on a FB debate site: “Forcing any religious views into a child is child abuse and has very real negative consequences”

Gary’s OP statement was accompanied by an article-heading and a photo of a Catholic Nun and children under the Nun’s tutelage. Let’s discuss Gary’s premise relevant to training our children to be good, honorable, faithful, citizens.

Response to Gary…

Having policed the mentally and spiritually ill society in America for 31-years and having experienced America’s public education system up through a Graduate program and more importantly, as a Christian who loves and adores God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, I will concur with Gary relevant to his warning concerning “religion” and its potential detrimental effect on our children.

For clarification, when I speak of religion I point to Catholicism, Islam-the Quran, Buddhism, Hinduism- the Vedas, certain specific cults and sects such as Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, radical off-shoots of Christianity such as ultra-charismatic movements defined by Pentecostalism and Church of God charismata, those Churches teaching a “health-wealth-prosperity Gospel;” such beliefs and teaching are not of God as they’re a demonic confluence of Truth and Hersey = confusion.

Having walked with my Lord Jesus Christ for 27-years, I believe there is only one viable solution to America’s woes and that is the purity and simplicity and life-changing aspects of the Gospel of Jesus Christ taken literally and honestly from the Scriptures and applied to one’s personal life; anything other than the purity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ will ultimately be self-defeating and Eternally futile. Please allow me explain…

My personal observations subsequent to 62-years of life…

In my life-span of 62-years thus far, I can testify that there are three-demonically-based entities that have destroyed the faith, the future, the lives, of millions of America’s children and this destruction is presently seen coming to fruition in the Millennial and Gen-Z generations. These three-demonically-based entities are Progressive Socialism, Roman Catholicism, Darwinian Evolutionary Theory.

1) PROGRESSIVE SOCIALISM: Progressive Socialism, as initiated by John Dewey in 1900, incrementally-systematically infused revisionist history into America’s public education system by subtly planting the seeds of Socialistic-Marxist Communist thought into the classroom while teaching falsity relevant to America’s founding, America’s Founders, America’s founding documents. The resultant of John Dewey’s strategy and the Progressive Socialist’s who have implemented said strategy is the present-day historical ignorance that is rampant in the Millennial and Gen-Z Progressive Socialist.

2) ROMAN CATHOLICISM: The second-entity that has destroyed the faith and future of millions of America’s youth is the pagan cult of Roman Catholicism. Catholicism has never been Christian. The abuse of children in the Catholic Church is demonic and is a natural manifestation of any pagan cult. Catholicism was founded by Constantine in 312-313 AD via the Edict of Milan by merging Babylonian Paganism/Roman Paganism with elements of Christian and non-Christian (Apocrypha) doctrine in order to make the pagan cult more palatable to the masses. Nothing has been more damaging to the Christian faith, grace, Truth, the purity and Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ than the pagan cult of Roman Catholicism.

The Mass; The Sacraments; Transubstantiation; Purgatory; The Rosary; Statues in Worship; The Perpetual Virginity of Mary as the Goddess of Heaven; The Idolatry of Mary Worship; calling Catholic Leadership as “Father”; Confessing sin to a Priest; The Magisterium; Indulgences, Infant baptism; these are NOT Scriptural and undermine the purity and simplicity of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord; thereby, leading the innocent millions/billions in the way of deception and hopelessness in both Time and in Eternity.

3) DARWINIAN EVOLUTIONARY THEORY: The third-entity culpable for the destruction of the faith and the Eternal future of millions of American youth who will ultimately lose their soul in Hell is the demonically-based Progressive Socialist strategy of infusing Darwinian Evolutionary Theory into America’s classrooms in the early 1960’s.

Darwin’s unsupported theory of historical science is a most efficient progenitor of radical Atheism, Secularism, Nihilism, Eugenics, Abortion, Moral Relativism, manifesting in mass hopelessness, destruction of the Biblical family unit, youth suicide, addiction, demonic persuasion, sexual immorality, Socialism, Communism, hatred for religious thought with an emphasis on hate for Jesus Christ and Christians. Darwin’s theory emanates directly from the mind and motives of Satan and is the greatest and most destructive deception since Satan’s deception of Eve in “The Garden.”

If my Lord tarries another Century…

If Jesus Christ tarries for another 100-years, honest historians will reflect back on the destruction of America’s Constitutional Republic and they will point to Progressive Socialism, Roman Catholicism (and related cults and sects), Darwin’s idiocy, as the three primary culprits that led to the destruction of the World’s greatest hope for peace and prosperity i.e. the United States of America.

As America has moved away from faith in the purity and simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; as America has “progressively” rejected the Bible as Truth while seeking an ideology of demonically-based secularism through radical atheism, naturalism, nihilism, moral relativism, America began systematically murdering millions-upon-millions of its posterity in the womb (61-million American babies slaughtered to date since 1973) while America’s youth have compromised with the most unconscionable forms of sexual immorality, self-degradation, self-mutilation, gender-confusion, Socialistic thought and Socialistic ideological implementation; Socialism, an ideology that has led to the death of 100-million people in the last 100-years; as a result, America and America’s Constitutional Republic is dying before our eyes.

Parents, the only solution…

Parents, use caution, wisdom, discernment, in choosing educational facilities for your children as an overwhelming number of America’s High Schools and Universities are nothing more than Progressive-Socialist Indoctrination Centers. Parents, the only answer/solution to raising productive, loving, patriotic, honorable, honest, moral, mentally and spiritually healthy children is to raise them by the precepts of the Holy Bible, involve them in a Bible believing and Christ honoring Church and train your children in the purity and simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; otherwise, your children will also become hopeless, directional-less, godless, fruitless, atheistic-socialists, who will not only ally with those seeking to destroy the greatest Nation ever known to mankind but they will destroy themselves and their soul and their Eternity in Hell through living a life of unbelief in and disobedience to Jesus Christ as Lord; Faith in, obedience to Jesus Christ is the ONLY Way to an honorable and sustainable life in Time and in Eternity.

America’s future…

America has gone too far for too long in its rebellion toward Jesus Christ; therefore, America will die in apostasy under God’s wrath, but there is hope for your children in Jesus Christ if you will raise them to know, to love, to honor, God the Father – God the Son – God the Holy Spirit through teaching your children the Scriptures, praying with them daily, modeling a Godly life for them and loving them with the love of God as they are His children and you are their caretakers but for a very short time. Though your children may suffer horrifically under the demonic tenets of Progressive Socialism, their faith and the faithfulness of the Holy Spirit will guide them through this life and into the glorious life that is to come in the presence of our Creator, Jesus Christ.

Fathers, be warned, you will be held personally accountable by Jesus Christ at the Judgment for your leadership in the home and the spiritual condition of your children as they progress through life. Parents, PLEASE…do everything in your power to prevent your children from becoming Atheistic-Socialists who exist without hope in Time and Eternity as Atheists are the children of wrath in subjection to Satan seeking a similar fate as he in Hell.

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

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