A Secularized Gospel for the Atheist?

Atheist, Mark D states, According to Paul van Buren, a Death of God theologian, the word God itself is “either meaningless or misleading”. Van Buren contends it is impossible to think about God and says: “We cannot identify anything which will count for or against the truth of our statements concerning ‘God’.”

Christian response…

Paul van Buren, an Episcopal priest who died in 1988, endeavored to secularize the Gospel’s message in an attempt to make said message resonate within a progressively secularized society. Paul van Buren’s error is his failure to understand the all-encompassing role of the Holy Spirit in the interpersonal relationship between God and man. God can ONLY be intimately known by those who humble them self and desperately desire to know Him yet God’s reality is permanently etched in the heart of every human being at conception.

God pervades every molecule of our existence and has made Himself known through what He has created in Nature; therefore, every human being having attained an age of reason intuitively knows that God exists and that He possesses power, dominion and authority over Creation, Time, life, death, Heaven, Earth, Hell and Eternity. God the Holy Spirit has articulated this truism in the Scriptures and has warned those who exist in a facade of denial i.e. Atheism that they will be “without excuse” when they stand in the Judgment in Eternity.

If you live in the lies and obfuscation that is Atheism, know that our Creator knows your heart, your thoughts before you think them; therefore, you cannot hide and your deception will be revealed in the Day of Judgment. It would be wise of you to humble yourself, repent of your sin, acknowledge-believe in your heart, confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is God who died to pay your sin-debt and that He was resurrected for your justification leading to eternal life. This is far superior to existing in a lie merely to ingratiate your insatiable flesh while dying in your sin and ultimately losing your soul in Hell forever in futility.

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

Jesus - Romans 1 18-32

4 thoughts on “A Secularized Gospel for the Atheist?

  1. The existence of the natural world is proof that the natural world exists. Existence does not prove how it came to be; only that it exists.

    Your reasoning for how God exists could be used for any number of any gods for any religion. The native Americans could say that their proof of the existence of the rain God is that rain exists. The ancient Greeks can say their proof that Zeus exists is that lightning storms occur. The premises and conclusions drawn through deductive reasoning are a non sequitur therefore fallacious in logic.


    1. There is but one God who explains origin-meaning-morality-destiny; without Jesus Christ as your Lord and Mediator for sin, you will surely die in sin and lose your soul in Hell. There is no there God but the God the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ who died to pay your sin-debt so that you could live. Reject Him and you have no hope! I strongly urge you to carefully read through the Gospel of John in the New Testament and at least make an informed decision concerning your Eternal destiny before it’s too late.


      1. Could you address the first part of my comment please.

        The existence of the natural world is proof that the natural world exists. Existence does not prove how it came to be; only that it exists.


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