Atheist v. Christian Debate – Futility Defined!

The Futility of the Atheist v. Christian Debate…

As a Christian who loves and adores Jesus Christ-Yeshua, I have debated the façade of Atheism ad nauseam and as a result of these debates, there are irrefutable conclusions to be reached.

1) The Atheist is not simply an unbeliever but the Atheist is a radicalized enemy of the Living God. The Atheist does not only live in a façade of unbelief but they actively war against God in their obsession to justify their sexual immorality, narcissism, naturalism, moral relativism, secularism and nihilism.

2) Though our Creator, Jesus Christ, has provided extant, empirical, preliminary evidence for His validity through the Creation/Nature to draw mankind unto Himself in hopes that the honest seeker of Truth will find God in His Covenant Letter articulated within the Bible, the Atheist has NO interest in this Truth because they are spiritually dead, spiritually blinded by Satan and unable to internalize the Truth of the word of God.

3) Other than pointing to the evidence provided in Nature, the Christian’s defense of the faith is wholly rooted in the Written words of God and personal experiential relevance of the individual believer, all of which do not resonate with the Atheist; in fact, the Atheist is offended by faith, God’s words and the personal testimony of the Christian; therefore, any discussion with the Atheist, a radicalized servant of Satan, is futile and counterproductive for the Christian.

4) Jesus Christ never told His followers to argue over the Scriptures or brow-beat those who will not, cannot, internalize Truth but only to tell them of God’s Plan in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and if they reply in unbelief/disdain…walk away and shake the sand from your shoes. Pray for the Atheist and walk away in peace!

Jesus is wise and His words are wisdom! Personally, I have been in error in arguing with the Atheist and for this foolishness I apologize and repent.

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

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