TMRA Letter to Mayor Parker – Houston/Harassment by Officer

[21 September 2015] A discussion, relevant to police corruption, noise enforcement in our municipalities, the rule of law, recently arose and while searching for relevant documents on this subject matter, I ran across the following letter from Paul Landers, State Chairman of the Texas Motorcycles Rights Association to Mayor Parker of Houston, Texas.

My reasoning for wanting to share this letter is to show the deeply ingrained “entitlement” mentality so very pervasive in the Loud Motorcycle Cult[ure]; an “entitlement” mentality that has manifest from years of non-enforcement by Federal, State and Local law enforcement relevant to the operation of motor vehicles on our public roadways equipped with non-compliant, illegally LOUD, illegally polluting, exhaust mechanisms.

The LOUD Motorcycle Cult[ure] incorrectly believes that they have a “right” to ride as loud as they choose and it’s their “right” to make that choice; the rule of law, common decency, respect for others are, in the mind of the Loud Biker, IRRELEVANT!…/loud-bikers-letter…/

Dear Mayor, Since 2009, the West Houston area motorcyclists have been harassed and profiled by Houston Police Department Officer Holtsclaw (“Officer Holtsclaw”). Officer Holtsclaw insists on violat…

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