Loud Bikers Letter to Mayor Parker

Dear Mayor,
Since 2009, the West Houston area motorcyclists have been
harassed and profiled by Houston Police Department Officer
Holtsclaw (“Officer Holtsclaw”).

Officer Holtsclaw insists on violating motorcyclists’ civil
rights by issuing tickets for loud pipes and other things
over and over again to the same motorcyclists. This is
blatant discrimination against bikers, not to mention
illegal profiling. This unprofessional behavior needs to
stop now!

After numerous complaints filed with the Houston Police
Department (the “HPD”) and City Hall by taxpaying citizens
of Houston, Officer Holtsclaw was pulled off the streets
for a short period of time only to be put back on the
streets again in a different area of West Houston to
continue his campaign of harassing motorcyclists.

We are asking the HPD and its officers for uniform
enforcement of the law. One rogue officer making arbitrary
decisions is not good for community relations nor a
conducive climate of mutual respect for citizens and law
enforcement alike. Our community is outraged. We feel it
is necessary to bring this specific behavior to your
attention and ask for disciplinary action immediately
against Officer Holtsclaw.

Officer Holtsclaw has been counseled repeatedly by the HPD
and needs to be removed from his patrol officer job and
permanently put behind a desk so he can no longer write
tickets. Surely, in a city the size of Houston, there
should be some office job that meets his qualifications.

We expect and appreciate your prompt attention in this


Paul Landers
State Chairman
Texas Motorcycle Rights Association

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