Old Patriot’s response…

It’s a Progressive-Socialist-Globalist agenda that has been in-play since John Dewey in 1900. We’re watching and witnessing the fall of America’s Constitutional Republic that was strategized by Progressives and KGB as they methodically infused Marx-Stalin-revisionist history-Darwin into America’s classrooms in 1963; we have subsequently morphed 3+ generations of sissified, atheistic progressive socialists into the voting booth that are communist at heart, godless spiritually, ignorant historically, subservient and cowardly intuitively.

America, as we knew it, is done…God Bless President Trump and his efforts to stave-off the inevitable. Treason is rampant on both sides of the political aisle. Arm yourself well, hold-out as long as possible because the socialist boot is coming for you and your family and your freedoms and tyranny will be the order of the day and America’s Millennial’s and Gen-Z socialistic “useful idiots” are gleefully and naively surrendering our Bill of Rights to the Globalists by vote and radicalized domestic terrorists such as Antifa and Black Lives Matters via the Progressive-Socialist-Democrat Party; therefore, love your family, enjoy these days of Trump as they will end and you will suffer. Also know that eschatology concerning Israel plays a very significant role in America’s fall into the impotency of socialism and communism.

IMHO – It’s better to die a free man than bend a knee to a socialist-communist. God Blessed America and the Boomer-Generation surrendered Her to the abortionist, the sexual pervert, the atheist, the Darwinist, the globalist-socialist-communist and our posterity will suffer as God has walked away from our iniquity, our shedding of innocent blood in the womb. America will reap what She has sown!

atheism - joseph stalin a hip atheist killed 60 million of his citizens

If a Christian Believer is Already Saved, why is Ongoing Repentance Necessary?

Theological question on FB: “If a Christian Believer is Already Saved, why is Ongoing Repentance Necessary?”

Christian response…

Repentance of sin seeking forgiveness in the life of the believer is necessary because even though we are “born again” by the Spirit of God by grace through faith in Jesus as our Lord and we have received the indwelling Holy Spirit as the Seal and Guarantor of relationship with God the Father, we remain encumbered by a body of sinful, decaying, flesh that struggles with our new-nature in the Spirit (Romans 7). A Christian, as they walk with the Spirit in the life-long process of sanctification will, especially early in their Christian walk, struggle with certain sins and will possibly sin against the God we love either by omission or commission; therefore, the faithful in Jesus Christ ask forgiveness for sin NOT to reestablish their salvation that is secure in the Spirit forever (John 10:28-30) but the faithful repent of their error and ask forgiveness (1 John 1:9) in order to reestablish intimacy with our Lord.

Understand, it is sin that creates a chasm between the Lord and mankind; Jesus Christ bridged that chasm for us as He suffered and died to pay our sin-debt and reunited God the Father and mankind through His own blood thereby establishing peace with God for everyone who trusts in Christ as Lord (Romans 5:1).

That same sin in the life of the believer, though it does not create a void in our salvation with God, the sin of a believer does interrupt intimacy and grieves the Holy Spirit that dwells within us; therefore, when we repent of our sin and ask forgiveness, we are seeking restored intimacy with our Lord which is second only in value to our salvation. It is intimacy with our God that makes life worth living and brings peace and assurance in our daily walk; therefore, the faithful are careful to walk in obedience and enjoy fully our relationship of love with our God. Having tasted the love of God through the Spirit, the believer knows that nothing greater exists within the Realm of Time (John 15:11; Nehemiah 8:10).

jesus - if we confess our sin he is faithful and just to forgive us of our sin

Free Will in Heaven or Sin in Heaven?

Atheistic – theological inquiry on FB: “If free will is the source of all evil then is there sin in Heaven or no free will?”

Christian response…

Free will exists in the Kingdom of God as represented by the choice of Lucifer to rebel against God in a coup d’état where Lucifer via his charisma recruited one-third of the angelic realm to follow him in his war against God the Father (Revelation 12:9). It is Lucifer’s rebellion via free will that initiated the creation of matter, Time, this Universe, our genome, as God the Father extricated Lucifer and his destructive sin from the Kingdom and placed him on Earth to deal with the rebellious cherub angel partially within the constraints of Time and physics (Isaiah 14; Ezekiel 28:11ff; Luke 10:18; Rev. 12:9). This was done because “nothing impure” will be permitted to exist within the Kingdom of God (Revelation 21:27).

Mankind, like the angels, has been given free will so that love and relationship with God can manifest with purity and authenticity. Sin and death entered Time via our father Adam’s free will (1 Corinthians 15:22) and yes, free will is relevant in the Kingdom of God when the redeemed occupy same with our Lord (2 Corinthians 5:8). Both the angels and mankind possessing volition will not desire disobedience/sin/rebellion because they both will have witnessed 7000+ years of the horrors of sin, death, carnage, suffering, misery, hopelessness, deception, that accompanies sin all of which was initiated by a rebellious, covetous, cherub angel; therefore, in our sinless resurrection body (Philippians 3:21) that is free from a sin-nature in conjunction with the lessons learned during our sojourning upon the Earth, mankind nor the angles will desire anything but God’s perfect will as we will know via experiential relevance that sin is suffering and horror and when compared with the love and communion and fellowship of our beautiful God…we will pursue love and righteousness with complete obedience because we know that God’s way is the way of peace, joy, contentment, forever.

jesus - nothing impure will enter the kingdom of god

The Simplicity of the Gospel Message defiled…

The Simplicity of the Gospel concerning Jesus Christ and a rebuttal to those who defile God’s Covenant of Grace…

As a student of apologetics, I have debated an unfathomable conglomeration of beliefs, religions, sects, cults, over the years all of which violate foundational doctrine as provided mankind in both the Covenant of Law and the Covenant of Grace. Violators of the Covenant of Grace are flagrantly represented by the deception of Catholicism, Mormonism, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Gnostics, Pentecostalism, while some mainline denominations are now compromising with LGBTQ sexual sin, theistic evolution, in their ministry and administration staff.

The confusion and whoredom that represents Christianity today makes a mockery out of the simplicity of Messiah’s Gospel message and the Covenant of Grace established in the blood of Jesus Christ who is our ONLY Mediator for sin (Matthew 26:28; 1 Timothy 2:5).

For the record, God the Father has ordained the Gospel of Jesus Christ in simplicity and child-like pureness thereby providing forgiveness of sin and relationship with God, life in eternity, accessible to a wild-eyed teenager or a ninety-year-old man or woman on their death-bed. God the Father has ordained that “belief” is the KEY to righteousness – nothing more, nothing less. It is the one who “believes” with a sincere heart and confess with their mouth that Jesus Christ is God who died to pay their sin-debt and that He was resurrected for their justification that finds grace and mercy with God the Father and the receiving of the indwelling Holy Spirit as the Seal and Guarantor of relationship, forever (Romans 10:9-10; Ephesians 1:13; John 10:28-30).

God the Father has told you that you can KNOW you are saved and secure in Him forever and He freely gives His Spirit to everyone who “believes” with a sincere heart that Jesus is God and it is the Holy Spirit that testifies with our Spirit that we can KNOW we are children of the Most High God, forever (Romans 8:16; John 10:28-30).

Catholics…the Catholic Church, those who promulgate the lies of the Catholic catechism, they have lied to you and placed you under a burden that Jesus never intended for your bear. You CAN KNOW that you are saved and secure in God forever by trusting-“believing” in Jesus Christ as your God. Catholics are manipulated into slavery to the Mass, the Sacraments, the Church, when these cannot provide salvation; the Mass is a doctrine of works and is the antithesis of grace and peace and love and joy in Jesus Christ as your Lord. Catholics, please don’t suffer under the doctrines of men who whore themselves to paganism and seek to continually sacrifice Christ anew in violation of Jesus’ suffering ONCE for sin (1 Peter 3:18; Romans 6:10; Hebrews 10)?

Baptismal waters cannot save you from sin. Human effort, philanthropy and goodness cannot save you from sin. Attending Church and consuming bread and wine cannot save you from sin. Trusting in a pastor, bishop, priest, pope, cardinal, teacher, cannot save you from sin. Confessing your sin to a man does not forgive sin or negate sins consequences. Speaking in a Tongue – ecstatic utterance cannot save you nor does it suggest that you are in relationship with God the Father. The ONLY outward sign that one is truly “born again” by the Spirit of God and has received the Gift of enteral life is a “changed life” reflecting God’s righteousness and obedience to His will that endures forever (Matthew 7:15-20).

It is ONLY by God’s grace (unmerited favor that cannot be earned through human effort) through faith (trusting-believing) that Jesus Christ is God who died for YOU to pay YOUR sin-debt and believing that Jesus was resurrected from the dead for your justification that imparts God’s forgiveness, grace, mercy and imputes the perfection of Jesus’ righteousness over your life (Romans 10:9-10) and imparts the beautiful indwelling Holy Spirit who methodically walks you through the process of sanctification as you prepare for service in the Kingdom of God, forever. YOU CAN KNOW YOU ARE A CHILD OF THE LIVING GOD!

Jesus - he who believes in Him is not judged but he who does not belive is judged already because he has not believed in the only begotten Son of God
jesus - the Spirit testifies with our spirit that we are children of god

Doctrine of Speaking in an Unknown Tongue?

Speaking in tongues was a Gift given to the early Church, to certain members, to proselytize the known World in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as certain faithful in Christ were endowed with the ability to understand and/or speak an intelligible language or dialect they had not studied.

The ecstatic utterance (unknown tongue) in the Corinthian Church was a pagan practice that entered the congregation from the pagan Temple of Delphi adjacent to Corinth in the 1st-Century. An intoxicated pagan priestess in the Temple would provide prophecy, oracles of enlightenment, to parishioners who often times left more confused than when they entered…the pagan priestess would provide oracles of unintelligible gibberish, babble…as she was intoxicated by the fumes of a burning substance beneath her throne. This practice carried-over into the Corinthian Church and created much confusion and is possibly the reason Paul mandated that women remain silent in the Church.

The actual Gift of Tongues given the early Church is no longer relevant today and the pagan practice of speaking in an ecstatic utterance has never been relevant to Christianity…it is demonically rooted, pagan oriented. Insisting that anyone speak in a tongue to validate their relationship with God the Father is legalism, it’s abuse.

Five-Prevailing False Doctrines in pagan forms of Christianity.

Five-prevailing false doctrines in prominent Christian cults, sects, denominations, around the World as represented and defended in religious-atheistic forums on Facebook.

1) The Mass, the Sacraments, are not Biblical as taught and practiced in certain pagan cults identifying falsely as Christianity. The Mass, Sacraments, are presented as a continual cannibalistic sacrifice of Christ necessary for repetitive forgiveness of sin as one “works” their way into righteousness (a right standing) with God. This working for salvation continues subsequent to death of the body in Time as teachers and priests and bishops of paganism convince parishioners, students, that the myth of Purgatory is the internment of final decision concerning their eternal destiny. Parishioners live in unending turmoil never knowing if they are justified before God the Father; this, while Scripture assures the faithful that Christ died “once” for sin (1 Peter 3:18; Romans 6:10; Hebrews 7:27).

2) Paganism in Christianity teaches that pedobaptism – infant baptism (Babylonian paganism) is necessary as this pagan practice supposedly bestows righteousness upon the infant. This heresy is responsible for the deception of untold millions of sincere men and women who believe in vain that their baptism as an infant secured a relationship with God the Father; this, as they daily proceed along the broad path leading to the “second death” in Hell not understanding the necessity of grace through faith in Jesus Christ as Mediator for the atonement of sin.

3) Heresy in Christianity teaches that water baptism is necessary for the atonement of sin and righteousness with God. This false doctrine denies the teaching of Messiah Jesus and the Holy Spirit that grace through faith alone as sincere “belief-faith” is KEY to the atonement of sin and righteousness with God the Father. Baptism as essential for salvation is a works doctrine, it is not Biblical, it is legalism, it is wrong and denies the sole sufficiency of Jesus as Mediator for sin. Biblical Baptism is only relevant SUBSEQUENT to establishing relationship with God the Father through faith in Jesus Christ. Biblical Baptism is simply an outward – visible testimony to the World of what has already manifest in the heart of the faithful believer in Jesus Christ. Water cannot atone for sin; only the innocent blood of Jesus Christ atones for sin!

4) Paganism in Christianity teaches that one can lose their salvation. This is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit by calling Him a liar and suggests that Jesus Christ is a liar; the very same Jesus who has promised that anyone who sincerely enters into a Covenant relationship with God the Father by grace through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and having received the indwelling Holy Spirit as Seal and Guarantor of relationship, that person is secure forever in the Spirit and Jesus Christ has so promised to keep them secure, forever (John 10:28-30).

5) Paganism in Christianity teaches that one must speak in a tongue, an ecstatic utterance, in order to validate the presence of the indwelling Holy Spirit; essentially, this pagan teaching demands that if one does not speak in an ecstatic utterance – a tongue, they are not saved, they are not in a covenant relationship with God and they are therefore headed to a destiny of death in Hell. This is not Biblical, this is legalism, this is heresy, this is psychological abuse.

In conclusion…

These brief mentions of pagan abuse practiced under the banner of “Christianity” only scratch the surface of Scriptural abuse and heresy promulgated by false teachers and false religions. The before mentioned pagan practices masquerading as Christianity are all legalistic heresy; this is a pagan form of indulgence; this is abuse of the congregants; this is legalism; this is a money-maker for organized pagan religion while denying parishioners the love, security, joy, peace, assurance, that is promised the faithful by God the Father, God the Son, through the indwelling Holy Spirit who is the Seal and Guarantor of relationship with God the Father, forever, concerning anyone who has sincerely repented of sin and fully trusted-believed-confessed Jesus Christ as God who died to pay their sin-debt and believe that Jesus was resurrected from the dead for their justification unto eternal life (John 10:28-30; Romans 10:28-30; Ephesians 1:13).

If you are involved in any “Church” that denies the sole sufficiency, the deity, the assurance, of Jesus Christ as Lord, don’t walk away…RUN AWAY and find peace and joy and love in Jesus Christ as Lord through the power and strength and sovereignty of the precious indwelling Holy Spirit. Don’t live in fear, don’t live in doubt, know what the Bible teaches…live in Truth and peace in Christ, forever!

jesus - false teachers for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine

Atheist defines Atheism – A Christian response…

Atheistic logic: Atheism isn’t a philosophy, a worldview or even an idea, it’s when someone reads, hears or sees something, and thinks, “That’s Bulls—t.”

Christian response…

Atheism is overwhelming a tenet of Darwinian Evolution; in fact, in the history of mankind, there has never been a greater and more efficient progenitor of atheism than Darwin’s deception i.e. Naturalism. Atheism is, for all intents and purposes, a facade, a ruse, as it does not exist logically, reasonably, spiritually, theologically, rationally.

Every man and woman having attained an age of reason intuitively knows that our Creator exists and the irrefutable, preliminary, extant, empirical, evidence for His reality begins with what has been made in Nature and placed before our eyes; therefore, the Holy Spirit articulates that anyone claiming to be an atheist-unbeliever is untruthful, a “fool,” “without excuse” (Romans 1:18-32).

Atheism is a ruse for the sexually perverse, the narcissist, the bloody abortion advocate, the socialist-communist, moral relativist, as these deceived and lost souls attempt to dampen a seared conscience and justify their sin in a World of like-minded victims of the demonic that provides them support and advocacy for debauchery and every form of behavior that is unsustainable and self-destructive culminating in death of the body, mind, soul, in Hell.

Pray for those who exist under the demonic banner of self-deception called atheism; pray that they might receive some form of divine intervention and perhaps a few will be convinced to detour from the path of demonism and hopelessness and find life in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Mediator for sin; otherwise, there is no hope.

Jesus - Romans 1 18-32

Only the Holy Spirit explains Origin of Matter – Time – Human Kind

From the beginning of Time, considering all of the creation narratives known to mankind, no one has explained the creation of the Heavens and the Earth and human kind as has the God of the Scriptures – the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit articulates Who – What – Where – When – Why – How concerning the reason for creation; the origin of matter; the meaning of life constrained by Time and physics; the necessity of objective morality, logic, reason; the destiny of mankind in Time and Eternity while directly answering – articulating – explaining this narrative with logical consistency, empirical adequacy, experiential relevance.

No one but Elohim – Yeshua/Jesus Christ offers answers to life’s most intriguing questions and no one but Yeshua-Jesus offers life in Eternity subsequent to the death of the body in Time…no one!

Creation narratives…

1 The Four Creations – Hopi

2 Odin and Ymir – Norse

3 The Separation of Heaven and Earth – Maori

4 The Story of Corn and Medicine – Cherokee

5 The Origin of Japan and Her People – Japan

6 Death, and Life and Death – Kono

7 The Creation and the Emergence – Jicarilla Apache

8 Creation by and of the Self – India

9 Marduk Creates the World from the Spoils of Battle – Babylonia

10 The Golden Chain – Yoruba

11 The Menominee and Manabush – Menominee

12 The Naba Zid-Wendé – Mossi

13 Pan Gu and Nü Wa – China

14 Yahweh-Elohim – Hebrew

16 A Potawatomi Story – Potawatomi

17 Birth in the Dawn – Hawaii

18 Life from Moon and the Stars – Wakaranga

19 Two Brothers and their Grandmother – Seneca

20 The Moon and the Morning Star – Wichita

21 Gaia – Ancient Greece

God the Holy Spirit speaking of Yeshua-Jesus our Creator…

Jesus - all things hold together -full verse colossians 1 15

What is Atonement for Sin? What role does Jesus Christ play in Atonement?

Theological question posited on FB: “What is Atonement? So, let me ask you this question: In your opinion, how is it that the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ saves you?”

Christian response…

The atonement for sin was ordained “before the beginning of time” (2 Timothy 1:10). Sin having been introduced first into the Kingdom of God by a rebellious cherub angel which is causation for our creation in time as God extricated that destructive sin from the Kingdom and confined same within Time and physics i.e. creation (Rev. 21:27). That same rebellious cherub angel introduced sin into the Realm of Time via deception of our first mother, Eve, and her deception of her husband, Adam. Immediately subsequent to the sin of Adam, God pronounced the method by which He would deal with sin and conquer the works of the Devil (the rebellious cherub angel, Ezekiel 28:11+)

Immediately subsequent to Adam’s rejection of God’s Covenant of Sustenance and Provision in Eden, God pronounced a curse of defeat upon the rebellious cherub angel and God simultaneously announced a spiritual war manifesting between the seed of the woman (virgin birth of the coming Messiah) and the seed of the Devil (Genesis 3:14-15). In fact, the Holy Spirit tells us that the primary reason Messiah entered Time was to defeat the works of the Devil (1 John 3:8b).

Immediately subsequent to proclaiming a spiritual war between the virgin born Messiah and the Devil, God demonstrates the process He will use to defeat the Devil via a word-picture articulated in Genesis 3:21.

“The LORD God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife, and clothed them.” Genesis 3:21 (NASB)

God demonstrates this by slaying an innocent animal in the Garden and allowing that innocent blood to flow onto the ground and then God took the skins of that innocent animal and clothed Adam and his wife, Eve, in those skins to cover their nakedness and shame and guilt resulting from the sin of disobedience.

Prior to this, Adam and Eve had covered their sin, shame (nakedness) with fig leaves which demonstrates mankind’s attempt to earn his own righteousness by the works of his hands but God, in Genesis 3:21, demonstrates that mankind will not possess the ability to atone for his own sin by works, good behavior, obedience to the moral law (Ephesians 2:8-9), but that God Himself would shed His own innocent blood and by trusting in what God has done, mankind can find the imputation of God’s perfection; that is, man can be clothed in the righteousness of God by grace (unmerited favor) through faith (trusting-believing) in the One who would enter Time through the womb of a virgin woman and die for the sins of mankind (John 3:16; 2 Corinthians 5:21).

The virgin birth of Messiah is critical seeing that the sin-nature is passed genetically through the seed of Adam (1 Corinthians 15:22); therefore, Messiah circumvented that sin-nature by entering Time via the womb of the woman. Having circumvented the sin-nature, Jesus-Yeshua was able to live a sinless, perfect, life and thereby fulfill the Law of Moses perfectly (Matthew 5:17) and attain perfection in all things; this positioned Messiah Jesus as the ONLY acceptable sacrifice for our sin (John 14:6).

When Messiah Jesus, who is God in flesh (Philippians 2:8), suffered and died upon that Roman Cross, the perfect, sinless, blood of Jesus flowed into the sands of Golgotha outside the gates of Jerusalem. God the Father looked at that innocent blood of His dear Son and pronounced the “Covenant of Grace” with mankind stating that anyone who would trust in Messiah Jesus’ innocent blood as atonement for sin would be forgiven of all sin, past-present-future, and find redemption and salvation and relationship with God forever and said relationship would be Guaranteed and Sealed by the indwelling Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1:13).

When mankind trusts in the death, burial, resurrection of Jesus Christ-Yeshua for the atonement of sin, mankind receives the imputation of Jesus’ perfection, righteousness, over their life, forever. God the Father, from that point forward, chooses, in His sovereignty, to not see the sin of the redeemed but God chooses to ONLY see the perfection of His dear Son, Jesus Christ; therefore, as the skins of the innocent animal clothed the shame of Adam and Eve in Eden, Jesus Christ gives the faithful who trust in Him a “robe of righteousness” to cover our shame, our sin, by imputing His righteousness over-and-in our lives forever (John 10:28-30).

jesus - he made Him who knew no sin to be sin --- corrected copy 2 corinthians 5 21

What do you believe about life after death?

Theological question on FB: “What do you believe about life after death?”

Those who die having believed-trusted in Jesus Christ as Lord will be translated instantaneously into the presence of God subsequent to their last exhalation in the body (2 Corinthians 5:8) and they will, forever, live with God and serve Him in glory and peace (John 14:1-3; Revelation 22:3; 5:10; Matthew 19:28; 1 Corinthians 6:3; 2 Timothy 2:12; Revelation 20:6).

Those who die having rejected Jesus Christ as Lord for the mediation of their sin will, at their last exhalation, be translated into the realm Messiah calls Hades-Sheol/Torments (Luke16) and they will remain there in their disembodied spirit, fully conscious-aware, until the Judgment of the Condemned manifesting subsequent to the Millennial Reign of Messiah Jesus. At that time, they will be brought out of Hades-Sheol/Torments and receive a corrupted resurrected body of flesh (John 5:28-30) and stand in the Judgment of the Condemned before Jesus Christ (Revelation 20:11-15; Philippians 2:10-11).

The condemned will be adjudicated guilty for sin, their name will not be found written in the Lamb’s Book of Life and they will be cast into the Lake of Fire and suffer commensurate with the sin committed in the body in Time and then die the “second death” and cease all existence and remembrance (Matthew 10:28; Matthew 16:26; Revelation 20:11-15).

Mankind will either deal with their sin while in the body in Time within the Age of Grace by trusting in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sin – or – mankind will deal with their sin at Judgment in Eternity. God the Father is NOT going to permit unrepentant sin to enter His Kingdom (Revelation 21:27).

Jesus - absent from the body present with the Lord
jesus - sheol diagram