Concerning the Origin of Christianity & the written word of God

Concerning the genesis of Christianity and the written word of God…

The Council of Nicaea has nothing to do with Christianity. Christianity is representative of the Gospel (Good News) of Jesus Christ and that Gospel was ordained “before Time began” (2 Timothy 1:8-10); Christianity has nothing to do with Constantine or Catholicism or Denominations or Sects or Religion or Cults or the will of mankind.

The Biblical Text, from the Genesis to the Revelation, has nothing to do with the will of humanity and everything to do with the will of our omnipotent Creator who has provided His human creation with the EXACT words He desires we have in order that we can know Him personally; love Him intimately; live with Him eternally and know His eschatological will and purpose for Time and Eternity.

Christianity is a covenant relationship with God the Father by grace (unmerited favor) through faith-trust-belief in Jesus Christ as our Messiah. The only “Council” of relevance concerning Christianity is the “Jerusalem Council” formed by Jesus’ Apostles to announce the parameters of what was mandated for Gentile believers having trusted in Jesus as their Lord, Messiah, God (Acts 15).

Christianity provides humanity the only Way, the only Path, the only Truth, the only LIFE, available in this life constrained by Time and the life to come in Eternity (John 14:6). Jesus Christ as God, Creator, Messiah, Judge, and the indwelling Holy Spirit as “Guarantor” of Covenant Relationship with the Father is the only HOPE for sinful humanity concerning forgiveness of sin, eternal life (John 3; John 14:6; Ephesians 1:13-14; Acts 4:12; Hebrews 8:12).

Democrat Party – Mental and Spiritual Illness, solutions?

The Spiritual and Psychological Illness of the Party of Atheism i.e. the Democrat-Progressive-Marxist Party of America…how, why, solutions?

The political divide in the United States is no longer one of policy differences but one of a spiritual chasm between good v. evil, Jesus v. Satan, life v. death, hope v. Hell. America is no longer a “two-party” system as one Party, the Democrat Party, has become completely demon possessed-influenced, ungovernable, unsustainable; this, complicated by destructive psychological illness mandating psychiatric and spiritual intervention.

Consider this…no sane human being, no person of sound mind, would advocate for the mutilation of babies in their mommy’s womb at any point of gestation as life begins at conception…commonsense and science testify to this truism.

No human being of sound mind would advocate and fight for the perversion of Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) and LGBTQ sexual perversion forced upon our children in public schools and advocate for gender confusion and the mutilation of children’s sex-organs in “gender reassignment.”

No person of sound mind would destroy their Nation in pursuit of the demonic agenda of “man-induced climate change”…a worldwide hoax initiated by cult-deceived globalists, naturalists, whose Marxist-Authoritarian intent is depopulation and complete tyrannical control over energy affecting almost every aspect of social life. Mankind does NOT control the weather as weather is cyclical and it “naturally” warms and cools in cycles.

No National leadership of sound mind would sell the economic and manufacturing soul of their Nation to the Communist Chinese.

No National leadership of sound mind would open their borders to drug cartels, sex-trafficking, terrorists, by the millions.

No leadership of sound mind would open the prisons, enact cashless bail, defund the police, prohibit personal protection.

No leadership of sound mind would declare war on God and those who honor God through Jesus Christ. No Political Party of sound spiritual mind boos God in open chambers and mocks, demonizes, labels, those who honor God in Jesus Christ.


The Democrat Party in the United States must be dismantled and reconstructed with the goal of implementing sustainable mores, norms, values, that edify and prosper the American people and our posterity or, as a last resort, the declaration of another civil war likened to that of 1860 where Democrats were forced to cease their destructive racism and violations of human rights through bloodshed on the battlefield.

Most importantly, America’s legislators must repeal the “Mental Health Act of 1963” which shuttered State-financed insane asylums through failed attempts at community-based psychiatric treatment facilities. If America’s insane asylums were reopened and properly managed, at least one-half of the constituency supporting the vile and perverse Democrat Party today would be permanently confined, labeled as mentally insane while at least one-third of the remaining constituency would require regular psychological intercession.

Free Will and Atheistic Spiritual Ignorance…

Concerning “free will” and the spiritual ignorance of atheism…

The spiritually dead Atheist declares that God is arbitrary and capricious; therefore, mankind’s destiny is fixed and unalterable; this, in a vain and futile attempt to justify their “chosen” path to death in Hell. What is the Truth?

Free will is the causation for our Creation in Time. Free will is essential in order that love and intimacy with our Creator manifest with purity and purpose. There is no pleasure or relationship or satisfaction in communion with robots but one must possess the ability to “choose” to love or to hate in order for relationship with intimacy to manifest with authenticity and purity and reciprocal satisfaction.

You are created in the spiritual image of your Creator (Genesis 1:26-28) and you have received certain divine communicable attributes gifted you by your Creator for His eschatological purposes; one of these divine attributes is free will with wisdom and discernment; otherwise, life and relationship would be an exercise in futility.

You are therefore free to choose Jesus Christ as your Lord believing that Jesus died for you and find eternal life in His Name through the forgiveness of sin (John 3) or you can reject Jesus and serve Satan by default and die in Hell…the “choice”…the “volition” is yours.

Democrat Party; Satan; Moral Rot…

The Democrat Party is synonymous with ungovernable, unsustainable, moral ROT…

The Democrat Party and the demonically persuaded citizenry that support same, atheists-secular humanists-progressives-Darwinists-Marxists, represent unsustainable mores, norms, values, that have come to fruition in moral metastasizing ROT. America’s most virulent enemy is Satan and his representatives in the Democrat Party and its constituency.

If the Democrat Party is not dismantled, either by civil war or by legislative agreement, America’s posterity will suffer horrifically and America will become completely impotent in World affairs as a 3rd-World mockery and embarrassment.

Atheist mocks the Judgment of God, what is the truth?

Atheist mocks God’s Judgment in spiritual ignorance suggesting eternal suffering in Hell, what is the truth?

Hell was not created for humanity but for Satan and his angels (Matthew 25:41); every Atheist, unbeliever, will die the “second death” in Hell by a free will “choice” as they have rejected the Way (John 14:6) of escape which is faith in Jesus Christ as Messiah, Lord, believing with a sincere heart that Jesus died to pay your sin-debt for you (John 3; Romans 10:9-10)…a debt owed the Father that you could never pay yourself (Ephesians 2:8-9; Romans 8:1-5).

If you die in your sin as an atheist (John 8:24), you will not suffer in Hell eternally but you will suffer commensurate with the sin, deeds, done in your body while constrained by flesh in Time and physics but you will ultimately die a “second death” which a complete annihilation of mind, resurrected body of corruption, soul, in the Lake of Fire to be remembered no more…it will be as if you never existed.

The annihilation of the unredeemed, the unbeliever, the unfaithful, is of necessity as “nothing impure will ever enter the Kingdom of God” (Revelation 21:27) and only the purity, righteousness, of Jesus imputed into your life by faith in Jesus as your Lord will initiate covenant relationship with the Father and the forgiveness of your sin (John 3; 2 Corinthians 5:21; Hebrews 8:12).

Establishment Clause & Atheistic Deception…

Establishment Clause…Atheistic deception and/or ignorance of our Founder’s intent…

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

Yes…our Founder’s were concerned about a particular denomination or religion or sect attaining a majority in the House and Senate; they were particularly concerned about the apostasy of religions such as Catholicism and the tyranny of the Church of England they had fled in rebellion; our Founder’s seeking to maximize personal freedom via the construction of a very limited Federal Government relied heavily upon pure Christianity as the buffer between tyranny, law and personal freedoms, unalienable rights of the individual.

Having constructed a very limited government with the intent of maximizing personal freedom, our Founder’s relied upon faith in Jesus and the work of the indwelling Holy Spirit to restrain man’s narcissism and aberrant lust as opposed to authoritarianism via a tyrannical government entity. Atheists led by the demonic seek to deceive by intent or ignorance; therefore, know your spiritual enemy.

Democrat Marxism and Historical Repetition…

History has a propensity for repetition…

We’re in 1860 once again…the Party of racism, division, Marxism, perversion, abortion, is dividing our Nation and Lincoln’s solution is the only viable one if we’re to survive as a Constitutional Republic. You cannot compromise with the Devil but the Republican Party has forgotten the reasoning for its origin. America is dying in the filth of Democrat Marxism, Secular Humanism, Atheism, Darwinism, and Patriots stand idly by and groan as our posterity is led down the path to Hell.

Death of a Nation: The Democrat Party, Atheism, Darwinism, Marxism…

The Death of a Nation: The Democrat Party, Atheism, Darwinism, Marxism, Progressivism, Secular Humanism…

Intelligence, concerning the moral absurdity of the Democrat Party, is not at issue but morality, ethics, decency, sustainable mores-norms-values are absent in the Democrat Party and those who support same; therefore, anyone who threatens their perceived “right” to murder babies in the womb or marry anything or anyone they desire; this religious or political zealot is perceived as a threat and even if Satan were to announce his candidacy for public office, Democrats would vote him into authority over them as their leader rather than support anyone who pursues the natural law of morality, common decency, and those mores, values, ethics, that made America great and make America sustainable.

America will not be destroyed by China or Russia or Islam but America will choke to death on Her own immoral filth by those who idolize Marx and Lenin and Darwin and abortion and LGBTQ sexual perversion and virtue signal via a hypocritical form of empathy in pursuit of equity. America will rot from within and America’s youth and every Democrat will expedite that moral rot via their alliance with and allegiance to the demonic.

America’s Elegy: the Midterm’s 2022 and lessons learned…

America’s elegy,

America is on life-support, its citizenry is spiritually, morally, ill.

One-hundred years of Progressive-Marxist-Darwinist ideology has come home to roost in America. Today, a minimum of three-generations of American youth have been methodically brainwashed in Darwinism-Atheism; tragically, Secular Humanism is the prevailing religion in the United States. It is tragic but the Holy Spirit has all but walked away from America and its citizenry is now under the sway of Satan. Last night, the Mid-Term election and Democrat successes throughout America confirm that America is no longer a Christian Nation. America’s leadership and a vast majority of its citizenry are subjects of demonic persuasion.

Jesus our Messiah said that you would know them by the way they act, their behavior, their morality, their ethics (Matthew 7). A Nation of people who fight and yearn for the murder of babies in the womb; “mothers” who openly demonstrate for a secular “right” to mutilate their precious baby; sexual mutilation of children in LGBTQ gender confusion; the eradication of the Biblical Family Unit via demonic SCOTUS decisions like Obergefell v. Hodges (2015); the instruction of children in the perverse, morally destructive, techniques of homosexual-lesbian behavior in elementary and middle schools; voting for a Political Party that espouses an illegal invasion of America’s borders while hundreds-of-thousands of America’s citizens die from drug poisoning and imported criminal activity; espousing a Party that seeks to turn America’s streets into criminal war zones and unashamedly rejects the first duty of Government, protection. Those “citizens” who vote for, advocate for, these moral crimes against our Creator and unconscionable crimes against their fellow citizens, our families, these individuals are not spiritually healthy and they are not psychologically sound; therefore, America has, for all intents and purposes, gone the way of Rome and we are now a Nation that is “ruled” by abortionists, sodomites, climate-cult fanatics who worship that which has been created as opposed to the Creator who is blessed forever (Romans 1:25).

Heavenly Father, I thank you for my 65-years as an American. I thank you for allowing me to mature under the supervision of the “Greatest Generation” and experience the unfathomable beauty and honor of Americanism, the freedom, the joy. Father, I ask that the spiritual enemies of my Nation today be limited in their destructive potential for a time so that our innocent posterity not suffer to the degree of the suffering and horror that will come upon the Nations of the World that have turned against you. I pray that in these days of demonic victory that many come to know you through Jesus Christ and find life in Jesus’ Name and experience victory via the power and strength of the Holy Spirit. May the Holy Spirit be patient a little longer. You, Father, have warned us, pleaded with us, but we would not listen; therefore, may your long-suffering remain in part that others might experience your love and forgiveness by faith in your Son? Amen.

Walking in the Spirit via the Conscience…what does that mean?

“Walking in the Spirit” via the Conscience…what does that mean? (Galatians 5:16)

The natural law of conscience has been extant from the creation of the angels forward as an arbiter of free will (Romans 2:14-15). It is the law of conscience that Elohim infused within the human genome on Day-6 as He created human kind in His spiritual image for His eschatological purposes (Genesis 1:26-28). Today, philosophers, teachers of law, historians, theologians, refer to the law of conscience as the “natural law” or the “moral law” and it is this same law that judged Satan and the fallen angels of covetousness and disobedience resulting in their extrication from the Kingdom and the creation of Time, matter, this Universe, as a repository to deal with their rebellion and sin partially constrained by physics. It is that same law that judged the Adamic and Noahic generations of defilement of such magnitude that all of human kind was destroyed by water save eight. It is that same moral law of conscience that provided a foundation for the “Code of Hammurabi” and the “Law Covenant” between Yahweh and Israel’s children. That same law of conscience continues to act a bulwark against unrestrained narcissism that would inevitably culminate in extinction of the human species and that same law will be used by Messiah Jesus at the “Judgement of the Condemned” for adjudication prior to the “second death” in Hell (Revelation 20:11-15).

Walking by the Spirit,

When one is “born again” by faith in Jesus and receives the Holy Spirit as the Guarantor and Seal of covenant relationship with the Father (Ephesians 1:13-14) the Holy Spirit begins a good work within them through their conscience. The believer intuitively knows this as the Spirit clearly testifies of His presence within them (Romans 8:16) and the Spirit’s guidance, His Law, is infinitely superior to the Law Covenant or the Decalogue as the Spirit is ever-present in the life of the believer working through the “new creation” (2 Corinthians 5:17); also, the Holy Spirit methodically intercedes, addresses, responds, to every moral decision that is made by the believer every single day…it is this methodical guidance during the daily process of sanctification that prepares the believer for service in the New Jerusalem as the Spirit incrementally changes the believer into the obedient image of Jesus giving them a will and a desire to please the Father in ALL THINGS. It is the believer who “walks by the Spirit” (Galatians 5:16) that performs those works of righteousness that the Father finds pleasing and it is these works of righteousness performed through the Spirit that will receive rewards at the BEMA Judgment of Christ.

What enslavement to Law, the Law Covenant, could not do as it was weakened by the sinful nature of man through Adam, the Father has done through His Son and through His Spirit (Romans 8:1-2)…obedience and glory to the Father, forever, having prepared a people for His eschatological purposes by grace (unmerited favor) through faith-trust in His Son, Jesus Christ, as Messiah (John 3).