AT&T – lies, deception, a horrible company…

AT&T is a lying, deceptive, horrible, company…

AT&T, their representatives, the customer service and outsourcing, their ethical behavior, is outlandish, pathetic, shameful and I would love to see the dysfunctional company go bankrupt. My wife, two-years ago, traded-in her I Phone 8 for an I Phone 13 at the Port Charlotte, Fl, Sam’s Club AT&T Kiosk (lying gypsies) who promised that my wife would pay only $400.00 for her new phone. We were instructed to take the trade-in phone to an authorized AT&T retail store who was authorized to transfer the data to the new phone and turn-off the old phone and then return the phone to AT&T to complete the trade-in. We complied and proceeded to the AT&T store at 2499 Tamiami Trail, in Port Charlotte where the data was transferred, the phone deactivated, and mailing instructions for the old phone’s return to AT&T was provided. We proceeded to UPS and mailed the phone to the designated AT&T department for trade-in phones.

My wife never received any discount or relevant information from AT&T concerning the $400.00 trade-in as promised but a consistent $799.00 phone bill pay-out remained on our contract. My wife contacted AT&T over and over again for two-years concerning the traded-in phone and at first AT&T denied receiving the phone; then, they said they had received it but the phone was not deactivated; then, they said it was deactivated but not worth the trade-in value. My wife asked to have the phone returned to her but AT&T said that was not possible. For two-consecutive years, my wife has fought with AT&T over the $400.00 promised trade-in value and at one point a representative said they would credit our account $350.00 but the account was never credited nor were records entered under our account relevant to the promise made.

Subsequent two-years of fighting with AT&T, two weeks ago, my wife and I drove to the Port Charlotte Sam’s Club in another attempt to rectify the problem. The Sam’s Club store manager there was offish…said it was not Sam’s responsibility. The AT&T representative at the Kiosk in the Sam’s provided my wife with the escalation department’s phone number for AT&T but all we got from escalation was another run-a-round in broken English. We then drove to the AT&T store in Port Charlotte where the trade-in phone had been deactivated and spoke with Store Manager, George Ortega, who was very kind and gracious. Subsequent a thorough investigation of our history with AT&T and our problems stemming from two-years of litigation, Manager George Ortega contacted an “Andrew” who he identified as a “regional manager” and assured us that our claim would be forwarded to AT&T. Manager Ortega stated that the claim would be initially rejected by AT&T but that “Andrew” (regional manager) would make it right and credit my wife $350.00 for her trade-in seeing that their investigation reflected AT&T culpability.

AT&T Manager George Ortega assured my wife that he would personally contact her the following week with more details concerning the $350.00 credit but no such contact was made. My wife then called Mr. Ortega on 5/24/2023 for an update but found her phone number had apparently been blocked as when she called the AT&T store at 2499 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33952 she was immediately disconnected, repeatedly. My wife then used my phone and the call was immediately accepted at which time my wife spoke with Manager Ortega who did not remember speaking with my wife but after some details were forwarded, Manager Ortega recalled the conversation from the previous week and said he would send the email to “Andrew” that day (apparently Manager Ortega never contacted his regional manager as promised) and should hear from the regional manager later that day…Manager Ortega said he would contact my wife that evening or the following day with an update…we did not receive a phone call from Mr. Ortega that evening or the following day; therefore, on the afternoon of 5/25/2023 my wife used my phone to call the AT&T store in Port Charlotte and spoke with Manager Ortega, once again, who said he had heard nothing from his regional manager, Andrew, and that it would be a few days before he would know anything about our credit for the trade-in…my wife reminded Manager Ortega that is was Thursday and that we were rapidly approaching the Memorial Day weekend…Manager Ortega said it would probably be next week before we heard anything…Manager Ortega was no longer kind or courteous…but a slight ASS and short with my wife.

Personally, I’m fuming and angry with the dysfunctional idiots at AT&T and would like to civilly sue both AT&T and the Sam’s Club in Port Charlotte for their deception, their lies, their deceit, the stress they’ve put my wife through for two-stinking-years.

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