Losing Faith? How is this possible?

Theological question was asked: “How is it possible for us to lose our faith completely?”

Concerning faith and the redeemed in Jesus,

If one “loses” their faith, that faith was not saving faith to begin with as the redeemed in Messiah will endure to the end and the Holy Spirit is the Guarantor of this promise (Ephesians 1:13-14). A true Christian’s life may not be the most honorable life lived to the glory of the Father but they never “lose their faith” as they belong to the Father by faith in the Son which is guaranteed by covenant via the indwelling Holy Spirit, forever.

Concerning faith and those living in the World apart from Jesus,

A man or woman living in the World and compromising with Satan loses the ability to hear the Spirit’s call upon their life, that sufficient “faith” that moves them toward life in Jesus; this, through repeated rejection of the Holy Spirit’s call and the dangers, deception, destruction, of “diminishing returns” which is the most proficient tool of deception utilized by the Devil; that is, human nature, when compromising with evil motivated by narcissism and hedonism, that compromise requires incrementally enhanced levels of self-defilement in order to achieve the same narcissistic pleasure as the previous compromise; this is the same phenomenon that under girds any addiction; hence, that sufficient faith given every human being in order that they might find life in Jesus is ultimately snuffed-out, silenced, and the conscience is seared; the one who has internalized a seared conscience through repeated compromise with evil will ultimately perish in Hell subsequent a life lived in nihilism and self-destructive behavior.

Satan’s tactic of “diminishing returns” in Scripture?

The Holy Spirit, working through the Apostle Paul and his Scribe, Tertius, pictures the demonic tactic of “diminishing returns” in Paul’s letter to the Church at Rome, Chapter 1:18-32.

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