Rightly Dividing Matthew 7:21-23…do not be deceived!

Do not be deceived by the Judaizers, Cults, Religionists…

Matthew 7:21-23 is often misunderstood by Jews-Israelite’s-Cults-Religionists as they naively believe Messiah is rejecting these because of lawlessness when what Jesus is teaching is the truism that these who were rejected had never established covenant with the Father by faith in the Son; therefore, neither the Son or the Father knew them as children of the Living God; therefore, their “wonderful works” were interpreted as a “filthy garment” (Isaiah 64:6) (Hebrew – literally a blood soaked menstrual cloth) because those “wonderful works” had been performed in self-righteousness in the flesh and NOT by the Holy Spirit via sanctification (Ephesians 2:8-9).

This teaching moment by Messiah has nothing to do with the quality of the works performed but with the truism that in order for our behavior-our philanthropy-our law-keeping-our obedience to be interpreted by the Father as honorable we must first establish New Covenant relationship with Him by faith in His Son (John 6:29; John 3), receive the Holy Spirit as Guarantor of that covenant (Ephesians 1:13-14) and walk daily by the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:16) in sanctification – in obedience to Him via the redeemed conscience (2 Corinthians 5:17) producing “fruit” that honors the Father (Galatians 5:22-23) as noted by Jesus in Matthew 7:15-20).

Do not allow the religionist-the Judaizer-the cultist to deceive you through an alternative, self-righteous, interpretation of Matthew 7:21-23. Lawlessness-Law Keeping-Works of Righteousness are NOT the focal point in this divine discussion but an absence of faith, covenant, are the subject of relevance.

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