“Christian Outlaw” Motorcycle Club v. “Christian Democrats” – oxymoronic & hypocritical…

“Christian Outlaws” (Facebook Page – Motorcycle Group) v. “Christian Democrats” (Twitter Page) relevant to hypocrisy and obviously being oxymoronic?

My understanding of Christianity is that the Christian eschews lawlessness and self-righteousness and endeavors to become more like Christ, loving the Father with one’s whole heart and loving your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 26:36-40).

Therefore, how can a man or woman who, with intent, illegally modifies a motorcycle or any motor vehicle to emit dangerous noise levels in multiples (logarithmic) the legal, total, motorcycle noise emissions of 80dB(A) as restricted by the US EPA for the safety and health and daily quality of life of the American citizen then proceed out onto a public roadway and audibly abuse children, the elderly, the handicapped, our families, by the millions each day with that illegal, abusive, motorcycle NOISE; then, wear Messiah’s cross of suffering as their colors and profess to love God in Jesus Christ yet abuse those whom Jesus died for?

Is not identifying as a “Christian Outlaw” – an illegally LOUD motorcycle thug in the same vein of hypocrisy as the “Christian Democrat” who identifies with a demonic Political Party that advocates for the murder of babies in the womb; the mutilation of children’s bodies through demonic gender reassignment; the hatred of the Biblical God in American society; advocates for the Hell of a communist police state; advocates for the demonic deception of LGBTQ and forces same upon society?

What is the difference in hypocrisy between the Christian Outlaw and the Christian Democrat? Personally, I see both as servants of the Devil.

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