Why did Yahweh provide Israel a codified – written – proscriptive code at Sinai?

Elohim’s motive concerning Sinai, the Commandments (written code) given Israel’s children via Moses v. Elohim’s New Covenant promises through Messiah and the Holy Spirit via the Spiritual Law (Romans 2:14-15)…

Premise: Inquiry: Seeing that the totality of the angels and humanity, their behavior, attitude, thoughts, motives, were and are arbitrated, judged, by the “spiritual law,” what could possibly be Elohim’s motive for the codification of portions of the spiritual law; that is, why a written code, given at Sinai in stone tablets and the 603 Mosaic Laws scratched upon parchment all provided the children of Israel via a Law Covenant?


First of all, for clarification, no one who seeks the Kingdom of God through law-keeping, Commandment keeping, self-righteousness through vain attempts to keep the written code or the spiritual code, will enter therein but these “workers of iniquity” (Matthew 7:21-23) are cursed to death in Hell due self-righteousness in the absence of faith (Romans 3:20; Galatians 2:16; Ephesians 2:8-9; Galatians 3:10).

Second, the Sinai Commandments are nothing new or novel, they’re simply an abbreviated codification, a written form, of the “law of conscience” (Romans 2:14-15), the spiritual law, that has been extant as an arbiter of free will from the creation of the angels forward.

So then, why Sinai, why codification in stone by Yahweh and ordinances scratched upon parchment by Moses?

The Decalogue, the Sinai Commandments, contain relevant codified, written behavioral proscriptive specificity for Israel’s children as they were sanctified (set apart) by Yahweh for His eschatological purposes. The Hebrew Tribes were to be holy as Yahweh is holy (Leviticus 19-20); this, while these Tribes were inundated with paganism serving pagan gods; therefore, Yahweh codified certain specific laws in stone (10) and on parchment (603), laws that directly addressed the defiled behavior of the pagan tribes that relentlessly sought Israel’s compromise; this, to buffer or provide sanctification, a bulwark, against Israel’s compromise with pagan gods which would have stymied Yahweh’s eschatological will through these Tribes; specifically, the introduction of His Messiah to the World through Judah and the fulfillment of His promise to Abraham that through Messiah and the children of Israel, Abraham’s seed would “be a blessing to every family of the Earth” (Genesis 12:3b); this, to be ultimately fulfilled via the Great Commission, an ordination, a Commissioning that was to be received by Israel’s children through their Messiah (Matthew 15:24) who would then proselytize the entire Earth in the “Good News” of the Father’s plan of reconciliation by grace through faith i.e. the Gospel; unfortunately, Israel’s children rejected the New Covenant; rejected the Gospel; rejected Messiah; conspired to murder Messiah; therefore, the Gentiles were, by default, given custody of the Great Commission (Romans 11:25; Acts 13:46; Matthew 28).

Sinai – Torah are Israel’s property under the Law Covenant as is the Sabbath edict given Israel beginning in Exodus 16; this, for Israel’s sanctification (a setting apart) from paganism, idolatry.

Third, the codification of the “spiritual law” in stone and on parchment has become a tutor (Galatians 3:24) to point Israel’s children to their need for Messiah. The discerning Jew and Israelite will interpret the mandates of the Law Covenant; that is, perfection in obedience and sacrifice (James 2:10) and the curse of the written code for violations of its precepts (Galatians 3:10) and logically come to the conclusion that no one attains covenant with the Father through law (Romans 3:20); therefore, their need for an Intercessor, a need for Messiah Yeshua by faith (Romans 10); consequently, the Jew or Israelite who rejects Yeshua will be “without excuse” when they stand in the Judgment of the Condemned (Revelation 20:11-15).

The Christian and Torah,

As a Christian, I am NOT under the Law Covenant given specifically to Israel and sojourners with them (Romans 6:14); as a Christian in the New Covenant, I seek obedience to the indwelling Holy Spirit gifted me by covenant promise as a resultant of faith in Jesus as my Messiah (Ezekiel 36; Jeremiah 31; Hebrews 8-10; John 3; Ephesians 1:13-14). As a Christian, I don’t pursue the written code given specifically to Israel and sojourners with them under Law, but I seek the Holy Spirit’s wisdom, Truth via sanctification in my daily life as the Spirit produces “fruit” (Galatians 5) through my redeemed conscience (2 Corinthians 5:17), fruit that actually pleases the Father through the enlivening of the “spiritual law” written upon my heart at conception and infused within the human genome on Day-6 (Galatians 5).

As a Christian, I don’t live my daily life enslaved to the law of sin and death (Romans 8:2 – Sinai – Law of Moses) but I live in freedom in Messiah via the indwelling Holy Spirit who methodically guides my life in the Father’s will through the “spiritual law” written upon my heart and arbitrated by the indwelling Holy Spirit via my conscience, my conscience that is redeemed by faith in Jesus (Romans 7:6; 2 Corinthians 5:17; Romans 5:1). The “spiritual law” being an eternal law that will never pass away as free will remains extant throughout Eternity.

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