Paul v. Moses? Catholicism and the Canon…which came first?

Moses v. Paul? Catholicism and the Canon…which came first? A brief discussion in response to Rabbinical error…

The Canon of Scripture is before us in the Realm of Time due to the authority and will of the Father through the Holy Spirit. Every jot and tittle is inspired by God the Holy Spirit and articulates the Father’s eschatological will for Time and Eternity.

Catholicism and the Canon of Scripture,

The first “Canon” known to historians is the “Muratorian Canon” (Circa 180AD) predating the Edict of Milan by some 130-years. Roman Emperor Constantine initiated the Catholic Religious Cult via the “Edict of Milan” in 312-313AD via a merging of Babylonian/Roman paganism with elements of Apocryphal non-Christian doctrine subtly sprinkled with elements of Christian doctrine to attract the masses to a state religion with the political motive of better control and authority over the burgeoning Empire; therefore, contrary to secular and religious opinion, Catholicism did not provide Christianity the Scriptures but corrupted same through infusing a works doctrine via The Mass, the Eucharist (Transubstantiation), Indulgences, the Magisterium, Mary Worship-Idolatry. Catholicism is the World’s 2nd-largest religious cult, second only to Islam.

Concerning Moses v. Paul,

Paul’s writings via Messiah Jesus and the Holy Spirit (Galatians 1:12) are superior to Moses as Moses offers you death through Law (Romans 3:20) and Paul offers you life through Messiah by faith (Romans 10:9-10).

If you follow Moses you will die in Hell through self-righteousness in pursuit of law-keeping (Romans 3:20; Romans 10); if you observe Paul’s writings concerning Messiah’s Gospel, you will live eternally by faith in Messiah Jesus through Covenant Promise (John 3:16; Hebrews 8:12).

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