Israel’s Children and their rejection of the New Covenant…

Israel’s children, as exemplified in these debate forums, continue to stubbornly reject and deny the New Covenant, why?

The New Covenant, established and ratified in the sinless blood of Messiah (Matthew 26:28), was prophesied under the Law Covenant by Ezekiel and Jeremiah (Ezekiel 36; Jeremiah 31). This New Covenant involving Israel’s children was contingent, predicated upon, National obedience (Deuteronomy 28).

Yahweh’s eschatological plan through Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah, was that through the Tribe of Judah, Messiah and Israel’s children would be “a blessing to every family of the Earth” (Genesis 12:3b); this, through the Great Commission (Matthew 28) via the Gospel of Messiah, a New Covenant of Grace through Faith offering a fallen World reconciliation with the Father via forgiveness of sin by faith through the work of the Son at Golgotha via the Holy Spirit (Genesis 3:21; John 3:16).

To fulfill this eschatological plan concerning the destruction of the works of the Devil via the Gospel (1 John 3:8b), Messiah came specifically to “the lost sheep of Israel” (Matthew 15:24) to proselytize them in the New Covenant’s Gospel as Israel’s children were foreordained to be ministers of the Good News thereby becoming “a blessing to all the families of the Earth;” unfortunately, Israel’s children rejected the New Covenant message and obstinately clung to self-righteousness through Torah Law; Israel’s children angrily rejected their Messiah and denied His deity; Israel’s children blasphemed the Holy Spirit: Israel’s children conspired with the Roman authorities to murder their Messiah upon a tree for the false accusation/allegation of “blasphemy;” this, while demanding that Messiah’s blood be upon them and their children (Matthew 27:25); therefore, the Father removed the New Covenant from Israel’s children and gave same to the Gentiles until the fullness of the Gentiles have entered the Kingdom of God (Romans 11:25); additionally, in response to Israel’s rejection of Messiah, Israel’s children were hardened, their mind and eyes blinded to the Gospel; therefore, if you have Israel’s blood in your veins, you are under judgment, you are spiritually blind, your heart is hard and your wisdom/discernment is skewed; you’re blinded by religious pride and arrogance and you will not see and you will not listen to what I am telling you.

You are dead spiritually and dying in self-righteousness through Law (Romans 10) and your only hope is repentance and faith in Yeshua as your Messiah (John 14:6) but you’re too stubborn, too self-righteous to listen; therefore, only a “remnant” of Israel’s children will escape the “second death” in the Lake of Fire due to UNBELIEF (Isaiah 10:22; Romans 9:27). Pray that you not follow Israel’s example in apostasy and unbelief but repent of your sin and trust in Yeshua as your Messiah by faith and LIVE eternally in peace with the Father (Romans 5:1)!!!

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