Predestination; Election void Volition – the Demonic in Theology…

The Demonic Roots of Predestination; The Demonic underpinnings of “election” void volition…

The defining divine attribute of Elohim is “love” (1 John 4:8) and Elohim introduces that love first in Genesis 3:21 and confirms, fulfills, same at Golgotha with the words “It is finished” (John 19:30; John 3:16).

I am completely baffled by the demonic doctrine of “election” void volition i.e. “predestination” and those exhibiting apparent intelligence and discernment espousing the demonic ideology that humanity is absent the ability to choose their eternal destiny.

Why do you deny Elohim’s omnipotent ability to work through, around, the personal choices of His created beings in order to fulfill His eschatological will for Time and Eternity?

Do you not understand the absurdity of predestination, the alleged absence of free will in creation and in our daily lives?

Please consider this,

How is it possible for genuine, reciprocal, intimacy-love-relationship, to manifest and be sustained for Time and Eternity void the free will to “choose” to love, void the free will to choose to engage in relationship and receive genuine and reciprocal intimacy lest one possesses the free will to willingly engage in that relationship or possess the free will to reject same?

How is Elohim’s relationship with His angelic creation, His human creation, made fulfilling, purposeful, relevant, reciprocally pleasing, lest both Elohim and the angels, lest both Elohim and every human being, possesses volition, free will, to engage in relationship? How does Elohim’s eschatological purposes in Time relevant to “destroying the works of the devil” (1 John 3:8b) find meaning and relevance if the creatures involved are morally-ethically robotic thereby nullifying the need for FAITH and GRACE and COVENANT and LOVE?


What kind of tyrannical “God” denies free will?

What does it say about a supposed Creator who creates the unfathomably beautiful Angelic Creation and a Creator who meticulously collaborates on Day-6 to create the unfathomably complex human genome then proceeds to deny both the angelic creation and humanity the ability to choose love or hate, covenant or self-righteousness, life or death – eternally; then, this tyrannical “Creator” proceeds to arbitrarily punish one-third of the entire angelic creation in the fires of Hell, forever and ever for behavior they had no ability to control (Revelation 20:10) and send an untold “many” of humanity to the “second death” in Hell for sin, defilement, for which they had no ability to receive forgiveness, atonement, for by faith (Matthew 7:13-14); this, just because He is GOD? What “God” do you serve?

When one espouses the demonic doctrine of “predestination” or “election void volition,” they provide fodder for the demonic root of atheism and secular humanism. When one espouses predestination/election void volition, they do not serve Elohim, they are absent the Holy Spirit, they don’t know Elohim and are NOT in covenant as they serve the god of this World, Satan who has blinded their mind from the Truth of Elohim and His Gospel (2 Corinthians 4:4; John 3:16-18).

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