Water Baptism: A Work of Righteousness or Obedience to a Command following salvation?

Clarification: Water Baptism as a work v. Water Baptism as obedience (damnation v. glorification)

A response to a plethora of apostasy and false teaching,

Anyone who preaches, teaches, advocates for, participates in, Water Baptism as an element of salvation in order to supplement the sufficiency of Messiah Jesus’ blood to provide eternal atonement for one’s sin by faith, alone, has fallen from grace, they have rejected faith, they have nullified the Gospel Message, they have rejected grace and faith for works and they remain in their sin and on the Path to the “second death” in Hell as they are a member of a legalistic cult.

Those who contend and argue that Water Baptism is necessary for salvation are no different in their apostate theology than the legalistic Jews in the Galatian community that Paul condemned for their insistence that believing Gentiles must be circumcised in order to be saved.

What is the Truth?

Water Baptism is an act of obedience to Jesus’ command for all who have believed, trusted, in Him to be baptized, immersed in water as demonstrated by Jesus at the initiation of His Earthly ministry (Matthew 3:15; Matthew 28).

Water Baptism does NOT supplement the sole sufficiency of Jesus to atone for sin nor does Water Baptism add to the sufficiency of faith, alone, in Jesus, alone, to save your soul from Hell; therefore, DO NOT ALLOW THE LEGALIST, THE FALSE TEACHERS, to convince you that water baptism is anything other than an act of obedience that FOLLOWS salvation by grace through faith, alone!

Water Baptism in the New Covenant is an outward demonstration to a lost and dying World of what has previously manifest in the heart of the one being baptized. If you love Jesus Christ and desire to honor the Father and the Holy Spirit, participate in water baptism as commanded subsequent initiating covenant relationship with the Father by faith in the Son, Jesus Christ.

Enter into the Baptismal with a heart that understands, acknowledges, the truism that Jesus, alone, by faith, alone, is completely sufficient to save your soul from Hell and that your participation in baptismal water is your public acknowledgement that you plan to follow, obey and serve Jesus Christ as your Lord throughout Time and Eternity.

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