Paul v. Moses; Inspiration v. Ideological Prejudice; Faith v. Personal Bias…

Paul v. Moses; Inspiration v. Ideological Prejudice; Faith v. Personal Bias; Life v. Death in Hell

Recently, I’ve received an upsurge in responses from Hebrew Roots fanatics, Jews, Israelite’s…perhaps some are adherents to Islam’s Allah (Satan masquerading as an angel of light), Christian cults and sects, who literally HATE the Apostle Paul who narrated approximately two-thirds of the New Covenant’s Scripture via inspiration of the Holy Spirit; the Epistles of Paul, a Biblical exegesis explaining the minutia, the daily applicability, of the Gospel ratified in the blood of Jesus Christ (Matthew 26:28).

It is truly mind-boggling to me how anyone who proclaims they’re a student of the Canon of Scripture, a lover of Elohim and person of faith, could even suggest the Apostle Paul is a “fraud,” a “liar,” a “false teacher.”

Consider this,

Do you not understand that every letter, jot and tittle, of the Scriptures, from “The Genesis” to the “The Revelation” are provided you by our omnipotent Elohim through the Holy Spirit?

Do you not understand that every letter, jot and tittle, of the Scriptures in the Canon are available to you because they’ve been divinely preserved and protected by the omnipotent Holy Spirit; unrelenting attacks from the demonic, the servants of Satan in the Spiritual World as well as the Natural World i.e. corrupted flesh of men seeking to nullify the veracity and promises of the Gospel?

Do you not understand that our omnipotent Creator has provided you every JOT and every TITTLE of the Scriptures so that you can know Him personally; love Him intimately; live with Him eternally?

Do you not understand that the very same omnipotent Holy Spirit who worked through Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, the minor and major prophets, the same Holy Spirit who worked through Jesus the Messiah, also worked through the Apostle Paul who was ordained by Jesus Christ our God and Creator specifically to preach the Gospel and bring the “Good News” to the Gentiles?

How demonically inspired, conflicted, confused and miserable must the mind, body, soul, of anyone professing a knowledge of and love for Elohim be the moment they “choose” to honor select sections of the Scriptures while vomiting hatred for other swaths of Scripture simply because their faulty interpretation of those Scriptures fails to comply with their corrupted ideological perspective due to an absence of faith and/or the internalization of false teaching or the Jewish Curse (Matthew 27:25; Romans 11:25)?

Divine Inspiration,

The words provided the Apostle Paul are no less inspired by the Holy Spirit than the words provided Moses and when one expresses hatred for the Apostle Paul and they proceed to despise, insult, disparage, Paul’s letters and the Gospel of Jesus Christ he preached, these apostates and servants of evil insult and blaspheme the Holy Spirit and the Spirit’s authority, omnipotence, the Holy Spirit’s obedience to the Father’s eschatological will for Time and Eternity.

If one rejects the Apostle Paul’s divinely inspired instruction in the New Covenant, how does one know that the Torah, penned by Moses in the Law Covenant, is legitimate and trustworthy?

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