Eve and Satan in Eden…what did Eve actually see?

Eve and Satan in Eden…what did Eve actually observe and why was she so enamored by that observation and conversation?

Not sure how many times my debates with Atheists, Secular Humanists, Darwinist’, have either been initiated by or culminated in a MEME or suggestion that Eve, in Eden, communicated with a “serpent” that we identify today as a slithering, frightening, reptilian. Eve’s encounter with this “serpent” is often used by those seeking death in Hell to mock the Genesis narrative and through obfuscation seek to destroy the foundational text for all of Scripture.

The “serpent” used by the Holy Spirit in the Genesis narrative in Eden is an analogy depicting, describing in a tangible manner, the evil attributes of the Devil and has no reference to physiological appearance nor does the text suggest a reptile actually conversed with Eve; in fact, the “serpent” is not cursed to the dust of the ground until Genesis 3:14 subsequent Eve’s compromise and Adam’s obedience to Eve’s request.

The Holy Spirit, through the prophet Ezekiel, describes for you what Eve observed in Eden and why she was enamored by what she saw; also, it’s important to remember that the interaction between Eve and Satan was pre-Adamic curse and the relationship between the Spiritual Realm (Eternal) and the Physical Realm (Time) was not distorted by the curse of sin manifesting in physiological decay and atrophy.

Strong’s Hebrew,

nachash: a serpent

Original Word: נָחָשׁ Part of Speech: Noun Masculine Transliteration: nachash Phonetic Spelling: (naw-khawsh’) Definition: a serpent

d. as crafty tempter Genesis 3:1,2,4,13,14.

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