Ark of the Covenant: a foreshadowing of Messiah…

The “Ark of the Covenant” is a foreshadowing of Messiah…

1) The wood forming the body of the Ark represented Messiah’s humanity (Isaiah 53:2).

2) The gold that provides value and beauty to the Ark represented Messiah’s deity (Matthew 2:1).

3) The Mercy Seat and the two-angels atop were seen in their fulfillment as they were observed by Mary in the tomb of Jesus (John 20:12) signifying that Messiah Jesus is our Living “Mercy Seat.”

4) Aaron’s rod – a dead stick that budded to life – indicates that Messiah would die and live again through the resurrection (John 11:17-44).

5) The pot of manna represented that Messiah would be our sustenance, our “Bread of Life” from Heaven (John 6:35).

6) The Tablets of Stone etched with Elohim’s Commandments indicated that Messiah would possess the Law of God in His heart and He alone would be the fulfillment of same (Matthew 5:17).

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