Satan’s objective subsequent Eden? “Diminishing Returns”…a discussion

Satan, the objective of the demonic in Time; What is Satan’s objective subsequent Eden? “Diminishing Returns” – a discussion…

Humanity requires no instruction in lawlessness as lawlessness, defilement, self-destructive behavior, flows naturally from the sin-nature we’ve inherited from our father, Adam as Adam relented to the enticement of his wife as Adam’s wife relented to the enticement of Satan’s promises of endless pleasure in return for her compromise with evil (Romans 5:12).

Satan’s objective is no longer your sin but His motive is a seared conscience, an attitude of complacency that compromises with self-destructive behavior through the demonic tactic of “diminishing returns;” that is, the temporary pleasure of immoral behavior mandates progressively enhanced immoral acts in self-defilement in order to achieve the “pleasure” perceived from the previous compromise; this demonic agenda, diminishing returns, is the foundation for “addiction” and it ultimately destroys mind, body, soul in Hell.

With every compromise in the addiction to “diminishing returns” the Holy Spirit’s call to repentance and life in Messiah Jesus by faith grows incrementally, increasingly, faint and ultimately silent.

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