Sabbath obsessions – those who defend same…

Sabbath obsessions – those who defend same and the Christian…

The Sabbath edict was NEVER given a Gentile, from Adam to Abraham – forward lest under the Law Covenant. The Sabbath edict was given Israel’s children as a sign of sanctification between Himself and the Tribes beginning in Exodus 16 as His eschatological plan mandated their separation/sanctification from the pagan people and pagan gods that inundated Israel and threatened Elohim’s plan for them concerning Messiah and the Gospel i.e. the New Covenant.

As a Gentile who loves and trusts in Jesus in the New Covenant, I was never under the mandates of ceremonial, civil, laws given Israel, as the Sabbath edict is a civil law – a ceremonial law pertaining to Israel’s children and sojourners with them seeking inclusion into that society governed by a Law Covenant that differentiated Israel from the pagan tribes serving pagan gods that sought to destroy them.

The Holy Spirit who indwells me as a result of my faith in Jesus as my Messiah is the same Spirit who initiated the New Covenant Church on the First-Day of the week at Pentecost and the early Church leadership, when they met to conduct New Covenant business, they met on the First-Day as ordained and sanctified by the Holy Spirit. Those Church leaders who met on the Sabbath did so in hopes of proselytizing the Jewish congregations who met on the Sabbath by edict. The Church I attend in obedience to the Holy Spirit also meets on the First-Day; therefore, I have no problem with the First-Day as my Lord’s Day…apparently you do because you don’t understand the New Covenant, the Old Covenant’s Laws and their purpose.

Sabbatarianism, a spiritual illness,

The Sinai Commandments are NOT my daily goal or my life’s pursuit but I walk by the tutorship of the Holy Spirit in sanctification via the conscience and pursue the “fruit of the Spirit” as He so leads…you do as you please but my walk is mine…please respect that; personally, I believe Sabbatarianism is a spiritual illness of works that defines one’s involvement in a Christian cult exemplified by the Seventh-Day Adventists (SDA) and certain aspects of Hebrew Roots fanaticism.

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