A Bloody Cross…why?

Death on a Cross…why?

Elohim’s primary purpose or goal through the Gospel is the defeat of Satan through self-less love as Elohim proceeds to restore holiness to His Kingdom disrupted by a covetous, rebellious, cherub angel and one-third of the angelic creation that followed that angel in the rebellion.

Elohim’s primary concern was and is the maintenance, continuation, of authentic love and relationship, a volitional love, with His faithful angelic creation that remained faithful to Him through the rebellion, a coup d’état having manifest in the Kingdom which is causation for the creation of Time, matter, the human genome, as a repository for, a response to, the cosmic, spiritual, war that rages between good v. evil. A spiritual war that rages around us, within us and through us, daily (Ephesians 6:12).

Had Elohim simply destroyed Satan and the demons/fallen angels for their rebellion, Elohim feared those who love Him would see Him as a tyrant and no longer would the angels love Him out of volition/free will but fear Him and obey in fear of tyrannical reprisal; true love, authentic reciprocal relationship, cannot exist in an atmosphere of fear and terror; therefore, what you see in the sacrifice of Jesus is Elohim’s self-less love demonstrated at Golgotha for His faithful angelic creation, angels who look upon our existence in Time and Elohim’s love for us with awe and wonder; also, we are eternal partakers of Elohim’s selfless love for His angelic creation when we trust in the Son, Jesus Christ, who is our Creator-Messiah-Warrior-Judge.

Elohim is honored and pleased and glorified through our faith in the Son, Jesus Christ, and our alliance with Him in this current Time of struggle, an alliance initiated by faith-trust-belief that will be rewarded beyond human comprehension in Eternity; therefore, fight the good fight of faith knowing that your trials and battles are for cause and your faith is not in vain (1 Corinthians 2:9).

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