Did Law exist before Sinai?

Did Law exist before Sinai?

Sinai’s Commandments were nothing new or novel. The Law of Conscience (Romans 2:14-15) i.e. the Natural Law, the Moral Law, existed from eternity past, initiated by Elohim in conjunction with the creation of the angels; this Natural Law was constructed, administered, by Elohim as an arbiter of free will, free will being essential for authentic love, intimacy and relationship with our Creator to exist with purity, authenticity, these being essential for an edifying reciprocal relationship.

That same Natural Law was infused within the human genome on Day-6 as human kind is created in the spiritual image of Elohim who imparted certain divine communicable attributes into humanity for His eschatological purposes (Genesis 1:26-28). Elohim, who is the perfection of law, holiness, righteousness, employed the Natural Law in righteous judgment of Satan’s sin of covetousness, defilement, that resulted in Satan’s extrication from the Kingdom and subsequently manifest in the creation of Time and matter, this Earth, as a repository for the Evil One apart from the Kingdom where nothing impure is permitted to exist (Revelation 21:27; Luke 10:18).

Why Sinai?

That same Natural Law judged the Adamic and Noahic generations of defilement, disobedience, a demonically deceived people worthy of death in judgment by water where all of humanity perished save eight; therefore, “law” existed long before Sinai, Sinai’s Commands having been given to the Hebrew Tribes specifically for Elohim’s eschatological purposes; a Law Covenant rooted and founded in Natural Law with additional specificity for Israel’s children as they were inundated by pagan tribes serving pagan gods relentlessly seeking Israel’s compromise.

Israel’s compromise with paganism would directly threaten Elohim’s eschatological plans concerning the defeat of Satan via the Gospel via the coming Messiah (1 John 3:8b) and stymie the restoration of order, holiness, righteousness, in His Kingdom….holiness, order, righteousness, that had been compromised by a rebellious cherub angel (Ezekiel 28:11+; Revelation 12) and those angels who followed him in the rebellion.

Law and the New Covenant,

If is the Natural Law of Conscience that is edified and magnified by the indwelling Holy Spirit in the New Covenant; that Natural Law working within the “new creation” (2 Corinthians 5:17) in the life of the faithful in Jesus as the Holy Spirit employs the Natural Law written upon the heart of the redeemed and methodically walks them daily in sanctification via the conscience (Galatians 5:16; Romans 7:6)…not letters etched in stone or scratched upon parchment but a Law administered via the conscience and relevant long before Sinai.

Law and the New Jerusalem,

That same Natural Law will be extant in the New Jerusalem where free will exists by necessity and it is the Natural Law of Conscience that will never fade away.

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