State of the Union?

State of the Union?

America has been heading down the road of Marxism since 1880 and the Progressive insanity of John Dewey (the father of modern education)…the 60’s marked the point of no return with Engel v. Vitale (1962) and the infusion of Darwin into the “biological sciences” as “evolution” and a subtle form of Marx into revisionist history in the humanities along with the demonic perversion of Hollywood, the mainstream media, homosexuality (1973) and abortion that same year.

America surrendered her posterity to the demons of evolution and Marx 50+years ago and the fruition of that catastrophe is just now coming home to roost in DC and State Houses around the United States…we are no longer a free people served by a limited federal government under the auspices of a “Constitutional Republic”….we are serfs bent over by tyrants and CCP type authoritarianism is about to get very REAL in America.

Without another bloody civil war to once again thwart the demonic pursuits of the vile and perverse Democrat Party, America will die in immorality at the hands of Marx and Satan and our posterity will suffer horrifically…and…we have no one to blame but ourselves….both political parties in the United States are as useless as the tits on a boar hog. The Millennial and Gen-Z generations are defiled powder puffs ripe for Communism and the blame is squarely on the shoulders of the Boomers and the Communists we’ve voted into office to represent us.

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