Alternatives to Prisons? Democrat Virtue Signaling and death to American Society…

Alternatives to Prisons?

The narcissistic thugs in our communities have no “right” to abuse the “rights” of others…simply because your parents and your education, or the lack thereof, has failed you, this societal deficit provides you no “right” to abuse the citizenry…

A response to those who are advocating for alternative forms of deterrence to criminal behavior than the current prison system which some in our society “feel” is too expensive and unnecessary in a majority of criminal prosecutions…

I policed this morally sick society for 31-years in uniform and in the 90’s the three-strike rule was in effect and during that tenure of sanity I was actually bored at times while on patrol as those criminals who regularly offended were incarcerated and the recidivist was incarcerated for life in serious circumstances. I can testify that incarceration works and the assurance of punishment for the criminal element is a very effective deterrent to re-offending and makes for a safer and happier America.

During those years or relative sanity on the streets of Houston, I participated in a State prison ministry and the young men I conversed with were serving some serious time for weapons offenses, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, drug offenses and the like…I am a staunch advocate of incarcerating the recidivist for their full sentencing period and if they continue in the criminal lifestyle…I advocate for life in prison…yes, it’s expensive but at least the societal cost in lives and money is mitigated by their confinement.

LOCK THEM UP; unfortunately, America’s law enforcement community has been castrated by lowered moral, ethical, physiological, psychological, standards in order to recruit LGBTQ and minorities and females along with a Progressive WOKE ideology of pacifism via hypocritical virtue signaling…America’s law enforcement, Federal-State-Local are as useless as the tits on a boar hog…shameful. The American citizen is poised to suffer under current Progressive – Marxist insanity…arm yourself well and stand your ground as Patriots.

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