Why is America and a vast majority of its citizenry seeking death in Hell?

Why is America and a vast majority of its citizenry seeking death in Hell?

America has been lost to a Progressive-Marxist agenda that has been in-play for over 100-years…we are now seeing the fruition of Communism in our society that was under girded by Progressives as early as 1880 (Dewey – Jean Rousseau), an elitist-Progressive ideology taking firm root in the late 50’s, early 60’s, through the GRU/KGB; narcissistic socialist elites addicted to power and control; the extrication of Jesus from society and the infusion of Darwin (evolutionary theory) and Marx in our public schools (Engel v. Vitale – 1962); hence, the moral and ethical debasement of those who matured in the 60’s and gave birth to the Millennial and Gen-Z generations absent the morality, ethics, patriotism, essential to the success of the American experiment as articulated within our Declaration and our Constitution.

America as a moral and ethical people has passed into the annals of history and we are now a society of infanticide advocates, murderers, sexual perverts, narcissistic thieves, liars, deceivers who rally under the banner of the Democrat Party i.e. Marxists-Socialists-Progressives-abortionists-sexual perverts/pedophiles/sodomites-atheists-haters of America and we will perish as a society in the manner of Rome e.g. moral rot and defilement and very few Jesus Christ honoring Patriots will stand and fight against what is coming; that is, misery, bondage and suffering for our posterity.

If you love the Father, Son, the Holy Spirit, hold fast to your confession, fight to the death for what you believe and know to be Truth…let the World go to Hell as that was its destiny from Eden forward, just don’t go to Hell with it…arm yourself adequately, do NOT trust America’s law enforcement to provide you protection or intercession as they have become impotent via WOKE Democrat policies, trust in Jesus and LIVE…study the Scriptures and know what is coming upon the World, love your family and die in peace, a peace offered only through faith in Jesus as your Lord (Romans 5:1).

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