Atheist…where is your evidence?

Atheist…where is your “evidence” for your religion of nihilism?

Often, I’m asked to provide “evidence” for my God, for Jesus Christ, to defend the integrity of my Lord’s words as provided by the Holy Spirit in the Canon of Scripture but not once has an Atheist provided “evidence” for their religion that denies the existence of a god, creator (KAUFMAN v. McCAUGHTRY, 2005).

Not once has an Atheist provided an explanation concerning the who, what, where, when, why, how, relevant to our origin, our purpose in Time, our destiny. If there is a viable Atheistic statement of causation concerning the origin of matter and the human genome apart from the Canon of Scripture, please Atheist, elaborate on same; please provide your exegesis on the fundamentals of the Atheistic religion and its relevance in the daily life of humanity?

If you cannot define origin of matter, life, apart from design and a mandated Designer, your religion of nihilism is actually impotent as you’re relegated to confessing “I don’t know;” therefore, you don’t “know” God does NOT exist but you only ass-u-me His absence to appease a guilty conscience and life of narcissistic debauchery?

Inquiring minds desire to know…

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