Same-Sex Marriage Codified in the United States?

Same-Sex Marriage Codified in the United States?

Rumor has it that our “representatives” in the US Congress have “codified” sexual perversion as first “legitimized” via the SCOTUS blasphemy of Obergefell v. Hodges (2015).

Just to be clear, there is no such entity as “same-sex marriage.” This demonically rooted perversion does not exist as it is not physiologically or spiritually possible for two penis’ or two vulva’ to be joined together in a marriage covenant as these cannot become one-flesh. I understand that 12-Republicans supported the demonic Democrats in their blasphemy of our Creator and His marriage covenant.

America will surely perish in Her infanticide and Her sodomy and Her blasphemy of Elohim who established America as a Light to the Nations to proselytize the World in the Gospel and fulfill the promise made to Abraham (Genesis 12:3b) through Messiah Jesus, a Great Commission rejected by Israel’s children; therefore, Elohim will NOT be mocked, as America sows to the Devil so shall She reap the horrors, the cursing, of defiling the covenant between Elohim and America, the Great Commission, established by grace through faith and maintained, sustained via obedience (Matthew 28; Deuteronomy 28).

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