Atheism: unmitigated hypocrisy, spiritual illness…

Atheism: unmitigated hypocrisy, spiritual deception-illness on public display…a vulgar shame to any people seeking decency and sustainability…

The facade of the atheist is the epitome of hypocrisy and self-deception. A spiritually and mentally ill people who proclaim the attributes of “science” as their god citing logic and reason as their corrupt motive for denying our Creator yet display cowardliness and ignorance in their inability to define origin of matter, origin of the human genome, apart from design and a mandated Designer. Atheists, a narcissistic and perverse people who mock the Holy Scriptures yet are spiritually ignorant of their Truth and the eschatological value in promoting a life of sustainable morality, ethics, values.

Atheism is the root of the demonic and has as its clueless constituency those who advocate for the mutilation of babies in the womb; the moral filth and debasement of homosexuality-lesbianism-transsexualism-child sexual mutilation in gender confusion/reassignment. Atheism is a demonically destructive religion in any society but is an especially destructive metastasizing malignancy in America’s Constitutional Republic. A hoard of demons who destroy a Nation’s soul in vulgar moral and ethical rot. Vile and disgusting at its core…atheism, secular humanism is deserving of the Lake of Fire.

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