Establishment Clause & Atheistic Deception…

Establishment Clause…Atheistic deception and/or ignorance of our Founder’s intent…

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

Yes…our Founder’s were concerned about a particular denomination or religion or sect attaining a majority in the House and Senate; they were particularly concerned about the apostasy of religions such as Catholicism and the tyranny of the Church of England they had fled in rebellion; our Founder’s seeking to maximize personal freedom via the construction of a very limited Federal Government relied heavily upon pure Christianity as the buffer between tyranny, law and personal freedoms, unalienable rights of the individual.

Having constructed a very limited government with the intent of maximizing personal freedom, our Founder’s relied upon faith in Jesus and the work of the indwelling Holy Spirit to restrain man’s narcissism and aberrant lust as opposed to authoritarianism via a tyrannical government entity. Atheists led by the demonic seek to deceive by intent or ignorance; therefore, know your spiritual enemy.

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