America’s Elegy: the Midterm’s 2022 and lessons learned…

America’s elegy,

America is on life-support, its citizenry is spiritually, morally, ill.

One-hundred years of Progressive-Marxist-Darwinist ideology has come home to roost in America. Today, a minimum of three-generations of American youth have been methodically brainwashed in Darwinism-Atheism; tragically, Secular Humanism is the prevailing religion in the United States. It is tragic but the Holy Spirit has all but walked away from America and its citizenry is now under the sway of Satan. Last night, the Mid-Term election and Democrat successes throughout America confirm that America is no longer a Christian Nation. America’s leadership and a vast majority of its citizenry are subjects of demonic persuasion.

Jesus our Messiah said that you would know them by the way they act, their behavior, their morality, their ethics (Matthew 7). A Nation of people who fight and yearn for the murder of babies in the womb; “mothers” who openly demonstrate for a secular “right” to mutilate their precious baby; sexual mutilation of children in LGBTQ gender confusion; the eradication of the Biblical Family Unit via demonic SCOTUS decisions like Obergefell v. Hodges (2015); the instruction of children in the perverse, morally destructive, techniques of homosexual-lesbian behavior in elementary and middle schools; voting for a Political Party that espouses an illegal invasion of America’s borders while hundreds-of-thousands of America’s citizens die from drug poisoning and imported criminal activity; espousing a Party that seeks to turn America’s streets into criminal war zones and unashamedly rejects the first duty of Government, protection. Those “citizens” who vote for, advocate for, these moral crimes against our Creator and unconscionable crimes against their fellow citizens, our families, these individuals are not spiritually healthy and they are not psychologically sound; therefore, America has, for all intents and purposes, gone the way of Rome and we are now a Nation that is “ruled” by abortionists, sodomites, climate-cult fanatics who worship that which has been created as opposed to the Creator who is blessed forever (Romans 1:25).

Heavenly Father, I thank you for my 65-years as an American. I thank you for allowing me to mature under the supervision of the “Greatest Generation” and experience the unfathomable beauty and honor of Americanism, the freedom, the joy. Father, I ask that the spiritual enemies of my Nation today be limited in their destructive potential for a time so that our innocent posterity not suffer to the degree of the suffering and horror that will come upon the Nations of the World that have turned against you. I pray that in these days of demonic victory that many come to know you through Jesus Christ and find life in Jesus’ Name and experience victory via the power and strength of the Holy Spirit. May the Holy Spirit be patient a little longer. You, Father, have warned us, pleaded with us, but we would not listen; therefore, may your long-suffering remain in part that others might experience your love and forgiveness by faith in your Son? Amen.

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