Atheists: Who are they; What are they?

Atheists: Who are they; What are they?

Atheism is a façade, a demonic religion, used to define men and women who deny the existence of God. Atheism does not exist logically, philosophically, theologically, spiritually, realistically, as every man and woman having attained an age of reason, cognitive acuity and maturity, sufficient to discern the World around them and differentiate between good and evil, right and wrong, sustainable v. not sustainable, intuitively know that a Creator exists and possesses dominion over our Created World, the Universe, their individual lives and eternal destiny (Romans 1:18-32).

Atheism is a ruse manifest through the demonic, the narcissistic, the hedonistic, self-righteousness, aberrant lust, obsessions with gratification of the flesh; obsessions with one’s penis or vulva respectively and gratification of same; a sexual obsession with the aberrant that mandates progressively intense violations of the natural law in order to achieve some semblance of erotic satiation; an obsession with one’s personal self-love. Atheists are over-represented in the Democrat-Progressive-Marxist Party of the United States of America.

Atheism finds its root in the demonic, the Satanic, and atheists are overwhelmingly represented in Liberalism, Progressivism, Marxism, Socialism, Secular Humanism, Darwinism, and are therefore representative of aberrant behaviors that are not sustainable in any healthy society seeking a right to pursue sustainable happiness through a love for Jesus Christ, morality and goodness and love for one’s neighbor and their Nation. Atheists are represented by abortionists, advocates for the murder of babies in and out of the womb; Atheists are over represented in the LGBTQ community, a perverse and destructive aberrant sexual community of gender confusion, genital mutilation, over representation in self-destructive behaviors including suicide; an aberrant community that seeks to impose its sexual perversion and defilement upon America’s children in grade school to the university; Atheists are over represented in Marxist strategies such as the 1619 project, Critical Race Theory, Affirmative Action, Black Lives Matter, which seek historical revisionism taught in America’s public schools with the agenda of morphing American children into God hating, America hating, Constitutional conservatism hating, Marxists-Socialists-Progressive enemies of the Republic. This is Satan’s work.

Atheists are fearful of the Canon of Scripture; Atheists are fearful of our omnipotent Creator who they see as an impediment to their perverse, narcissistic, self-righteous, lifestyle of sexual debauchery and other forms of aberrant antisocial behavior. In the Great Spiritual War that consumes humanity daily, Atheists have opted to side with Satan and pursue those satanic driven behaviors that glorify debauchery, personal defilement, death in Hell; therefore, if you are a Christian know that the atheist among us is your spiritual enemy and conduct yourself accordingly.

Personally, I hate evil (Psalms 97:10) and those who promulgate it seeking the destruction of our society, our family unit, everything that is sustainable, holy, good, beneficial, moral, praise worthy.

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