Man’s obsession with Torah Law and self-righteousness…

Man’s obsession with self-righteousness through Torah Law – the curse that keeps on giving… (Galatians 3:10; Hebrews 8:7)

Torah Law is nothing new or novel…

Nine of the Ten-Commandments given at Sinai are NOTHING new or novel as their foundation i.e. the moral law of conscience (Romans 2:14-15) has been extant from the creation of the angels forward as an arbiter of free will; that same moral law of conscience was infused into the human genome on Day-6 as Elohim created human kind in His spiritual image imparting certain divine communicable attributes to humanity, one of those attributes being knowledge of moral law (morality), our God’s will, by necessity; this, for Elohim’s eschatological plan for Time and Eternity as Elohim’s objective in the creation narrative is to “destroy the works of the Devil” through Messiah (1 John 3:8b).

Satan was condemned and extricated from the Kingdom as a result of his disobedience to moral law; the moral law of conscience judged the Adamic and Noahic generations of defilement where all but eight perished in water subsequent to Elohim’s judgment (Genesis 6). That same moral law of conscience has been the arbiter of free will for 99.9% of all humanity, from Adam forward, and that same moral law of conscience will be relevant in the Kingdom in Eternity as free will exists by necessity.

Sinai’s stone tablets…

Sinai’s stone tablets simply reflect Elohim’s concerns for a people group sanctified for His purposes as these people were inundated by pagan tribes serving pagan gods; therefore, Elohim imparted nine-laws based on the moral law of conscience as Israel’s children were to be Holy as Elohim is Holy (Leviticus 19 & 20) and Israel’s children would chronicle His words orally and upon parchment, model Elohim’s blessings for obedience and cursing for disobedience (Deuteronomy 28) while representing Elohim’s sovereignty, omnipotence, to a lost and dying World while ultimately bringing forth Messiah through the Tribe of Judah.

The Law Covenant, its failure and its curse,

The Old Covenant of Law has passed, it failed (Hebrews 8:7) as it was not sufficient to impart righteousness through adherence to law as law mandates perfection (James 2:10) and man’s sin-nature (Romans 5:12) results in the law becoming a curse (Galatians 3:10) to anyone seeking righteousness (a right standing) with the Father through self-righteous works of obedience (Romans 8:1-2; Romans 10); therefore, Jesus by necessity and the righteousness of Jesus provided through the imputation by grace through faith, not works (Galatians 2:16; 2 Corinthians 5:21).

Christians and Law…

Christians are NOT under law but under grace (Romans 6:14); Christians don’t live their life fretting, pursuing, enslavement to laws etched in stone or scratched upon parchment (Romans 7:6) as the law is given for the lawless (1 Timothy 1:9) and the law, the letter, kills the soul and only the Spirit, given as Guarantor of covenant relationship through faith in Jesus (Ephesians 1:13-14), imparts life and hope and security through the daily process of sanctification (2 Corinthians 3:6)…this made possible ONLY by the faithfulness of Jesus Christ our God at Golgotha (Acts 4:12; John 3).

The Torah Law and Christianity…

If I, as a Christian, never observed Torah Law my relationship with my Creator would be undeterred and unimpeded as Jesus is the KEY to life, not the Torah, not the Law, not Sinai, not Moses, but Jesus as my Lord is KEY to accomplishing the Father’s will (John 6:29; John 3:16).

The Torah is beautiful, it expresses our Creator’s works and His will for humanity and provides a foundation for the New Covenant, but only Jesus, our Creator, our Warrior and our Messiah in the Trinity of God, provides the Path to life in Eternity, the Path to Covenant Relationship with the Father, the Path to receiving the precious indwelling Holy Spirit who makes life worth living and life in eternity accessible (John 14:6).

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