The Sabbath, Constantine, the Holy Spirit…

The Sabbath, Constantine, the Holy Spirit…

Constantine had nothing to do with Sunday worship, worship that was initiated by the Holy Spirit in the first-century AD based upon precedent. Constantine was a 4th-Century Roman Emperor who sought religion as a method to control the masses through conformity and observance. Constantine, seeking to make Christianity attractive to the masses, initiated the Edict of Milan (312-313AD) and merged Roman/Babylonian Paganism with elements of non-Christian apocryphal doctrine and elements of Christian doctrine to form the World’s second largest religious cult, second only to the cult of Islam.

The Sabbath edict,

The Sabbath as an edict was never given anyone, from Adam forward, until Exodus 16 and that edict given solely to the Hebrew Tribes and sojourners with them; ultimately, as a sign between Yahweh and Israel’s children (Ezekiel 20:12). When Moses received the Sabbath edict from Yahweh in Exodus 16, our Lord was required to provide Moses with exacting details as to how the Sabbath Day would be observed, why?….BECAUSE no prior precedent existed.

There is ZERO Scriptural evidence for a Sabbath observance until Exodus 16 and Messiah Jesus never commanded Sabbath observance for the New Covenant Church nor did the Jerusalem Council who decided protocol for Gentile Christians in Acts 15; interestingly, Messiah did infuse the nine-moral laws of the Decalogue into His ministry and added mens rea (the thought life – Matthew 5:21-45) to enhance culpability but Messiah never infused the Sabbath, a civil-ceremonial law given solely to those under the Law Covenant.

The Holy Spirit and the First-Day,

The Sabbath edict applies ONLY to those under the Law Covenant. In the New Covenant, the Holy Spirit sanctified (set apart) the First Day (Sunday) as the Day of Pentecost…the Day the Spirit chose to initiate the New Covenant Church as documented in the Acts of the Apostles. The Holy Spirit chose the First-Day to resurrect our Lord from the dead. Elohim separated light from darkness on the First-Day and in Genesis 1:2 we see the Holy Spirit as the logistical overseer of the creation narrative.

Paul and the Sabbath…

Paul, our Lord’s chosen Apostle to the Jew and the Gentile, met with Jews, Israelite’s, on the Sabbath in Synagogue where they congregated under Law in order to proselytize them in the Gospel but when Paul met with the New Covenant Church, they gathered on the First-Day to break bread, to reason the Scriptures, to collect tithes.

Sunday v. Saturday,

The reason Sunday is set-aside for Church services today is because the Holy Spirit ordained it and separated it from the failed Old Covenant and its darkness (Hebrews 8:7). The New Covenant is NEW as it divides the light from darkness via our Savior, Jesus Christ. The New Covenant is new wine in new wine skins yet far too many who will read this insist that a dead covenant (Hebrews 8; 2 Corinthians 3) be resurrected and those who adhere to same die in Hell, why?

Reasoning for peace…

Why can’t people simply allow the Holy Spirit to rule and reign in their lives and honor the Father through faith in the Son, Jesus Christ, and walk in peace knowing that the Father simply wants intimacy with His created beings? The Father wants peace and love and joy to reign in our heart in covenant relationship with Him and He’s NOT interested in days, food, ceremonies, fabrics, temples, but the Father wants OUR HEART seeking obedience to His Spirit who indwells us and walks us in the daily process of sanctification. Jesus is our Sabbath’s rest when we trust in Him as our Lord (Hebrews 4).

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