Sabbatarianism – a cult illness in the Body of Christ…

Concerning Sabbatarianism, a metastatic malignancy in the Body of Christ espoused by the SDA, other cults, sects, Hebrew Roots fanaticism…

Not once is a Sabbath given as an edict of observance until Exodus 16 and then exclusively to the Hebrew Tribes and sojourners with Israel under the Law Covenant and even then Yahweh was mandated to provide Moses with exacting instructions as to how the new Sabbath edict would be observed because NO PRIOR PRECEDENT existed.

The Genesis Sabbath concerning the 7th-Day is an indicator of Elohim’s completion of the Creation narrative. Adam was never commanded to observe the Day nor is there any evidence of anyone observing a Sabbath edict until subsequent Exodus 16 and that edict given specifically to the Hebrew Tribes. 

NOT once is a Sabbath edict given any Gentile, from Adam forward, lest they sought inclusion into Israel’s society under Law.  

Not once did Messiah give a Gentile or the New Testament Church a Sabbath edict nor did the Jerusalem Council command Law Covenant observance or the Sabbath ceremonial law for the Church and the Gentile parishioners nor is a redeemed Jew or Israelite required to keep a Sabbath ceremonial observance in the New Covenant.  

The Jewish Sabbath Edict, the 4th-Commandment, is a Jewish Law edict – a civil/ceremonial law (not a moral law) and has absolutely NOTHING to do with the New Covenant, grace, faith, covenant relationship with the Father by faith in the Son and the receiving of the Holy Spirit as Guarantor of covenant relationship or sanctification following redemption by faith in Messiah Jesus.  

The Seventh Day Adventist “Church” is a legalistic cult subtly espousing a works doctrine. No Christian is commanded to keep a day or legalistic diet or tradition or festival as these things were a shadow, they foreshadowed the Messiah who was to come but in Jesus these things have been settled, they have accomplished their purposes and Jesus is my rest and my peace in the New Covenant.  

As a Christian, you’re free to keep a day or any festival or ceremony or any diet you choose to honor my Lord but you do NOT possess the authority to tell others what they must eat, drink, wear, or what day they must worship as this is legalism, it’s sin and you’re culpable before God (Colossians 2:16; Romans 14; Hebrews 4).

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