Concerning Ukraine, the UK, America, and their death in WOKENESS, GRAFT, Marxism…

I have no doubt that America’s Federal Government, those in authority over the people at this time, is the most corrupt, perverse, Marxist oriented, Government to ever inhabit Washington DC. In my heart of hearts, I believe Ukraine is a very sophisticated money laundering, weapons distribution, tactic by Democrats and Republicans alike and the wealthy are becoming wealthier and the poor are becoming poorer and the middle class is becoming extinct.

Our “leaders” in DC are bought and paid for by China and our children stand to suffer greatly in the coming Socialist-Marxist-Progressive-WOKE society led by sexual perverts, greedy, angry, American hating, politicians.

I recently returned from the UK – Scotland where there is a very perceptible cloud of dark socialism controlling the heart, mind, mouths of the people…a sadness in their face…a fear of self-expression…a horrible way to live…where LGBTQ and Climate Change fanaticism constitute their holy grail as the Church has been relegated to museum status while God is mocked or ignored…this is coming to America and for all intent and purposes it is here and it is tragic. Sadly, nothing but another civil war to thoroughly cleanse Washington of the demonic stain of Progressivism-Marxism-WOKENESS offers any hope of survival concerning our Constitutional Republic and our posterity.

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