Truth concerning Atheism – Darwinism…

What is the TRUTH concerning Atheism and Darwinism?

Atheism does not exist in reality; Atheism is simply a ruse, obfuscation, to appease and dampen a seared conscience within an individual living in willful sin, aberrant lust, defilement, as every individual possessing at least a modicum of cognitive acuity sufficient to discern the World around them intuitively knows that a Creator exists and Same possesses sovereignty over all life. Atheism is self-loathing in a demonic lie.

Darwinism – Evolutionary Theory is Satan’s most successful strategy at conforming the weak in mind and weak in wisdom and discernment in the ways of compromise and self-destruction. There is no greater proselytizer of atheism and secular humanism than Darwinism forced upon maturing minds in public schools.

Darwinism is the Marxist’ most proficient strategy having methodically transformed America’s youth into an abortionist loving; sexually perverse; Marxist society absent God; absent morality; absent wisdom; absent discernment; sheep prepared for the slaughter of tyranny and authoritarianism.

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