Why Hell, how to avoid it…

Why Hell?

The region of Hell was created specifically for Satan and his angels, not human kind. Hell is designed as a place of eternal torment and incarceration for Satan; unfortunately, human kind will enter Hell by “choice” not mandate.

The human genome was constructed on the 6th-Day by Elohim in His spiritual image (Genesis 1:26-28) and infused within that genome were certain communicable attributes of Elohim as humanity would reflect the glory of our Creator and possess the capacity to reason, logic, to love, to communicate, community, compassion, an eternal soul/spirit, intellect, cognitive acuity to discern; unfortunately, human kind opted to compromise with evil and a chasm resulted between our Holy Creator and fallible human flesh; hence, the need for an Intercessor, Jesus Christ (John 3).

Sin, rebellion, iniquity, having manifest first in the Kingdom of God is causation for the creation of matter, Time, Space, life with flesh that enables that life, the spirit, to interact within the constraints of physics. Elohim is absolute purity, Holiness in perfection and He will NOT permit sin, rebellion, iniquity, to enter His Kingdom,“nothing impure will enter into it” (Revelation 21:27); therefore, anyone who rejects the blood atonement for sin as mandated by Elohim in Leviticus 17:11, an atonement provided ONLY by Yeshua, Jesus Christ, on the Cross at Golgotha (John 3:16), will NOT be permitted to enter the Kingdom; therefore, the region of Hell and the “second death” is the mandated resultant. Elohim is not going to allow a repeat of the scenario that is causation for the current 6000-years of horror as Elohim deals with this rebellious cherub angel (1 John 3:8b).

Though Satan and his angels will suffer eternally in Hell, my study of the subject and the teaching of the Holy Spirit shows me that Hell for human kind will be a place where each individual, every one who rejects Jesus as Lord, will suffer commensurate with the deeds, evil, done in the body while constrained by Time and then all life will be extinguished in the “second death.”

Avoiding Hell…

Those who have rejected God’s covenant of grace, mercy, redemption, available through faith in Jesus Christ (John 3; Hebrews 8:12) will perish in futility and nihilism, forever. You, as an unbeliever, will not suffer to the degree as a Hitler, Stalin, Mao…but you will suffer commensurate to the deeds done in the body and the “second death” will be nihilistic and complete, eternally (Revelation 20:11-15).

Elohim has given His all to provide you a way of escape from the second death in Hell; that Way is Jesus Christ, believing with a sincere heart that Jesus is Lord who died to pay your sin-debt (John 3: John 14:6); therefore, it would behoove you to carefully read the “Gospel of John” and make an informed decision concerning your eternal destiny.

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