Trinity Doctrine: is advocacy for same ignorance or faith?

Concerning the Trinity doctrine, my advocacy for same: I am told to “stop exposing my ignorance”…a rebuttal,

I understand, but to deny that Elohim has introduced and revealed Himself in three-distinct Persons within the Realm of Time is simply rejecting what the Holy Spirit has provided us. How does the human mind fully comprehend the Trinity? I don’t know but if my three-pound brain could explain our infinite, omnipotent, Creator…He would not be God; therefore, as much as I would prefer to simply say the Father has completed the totality of Creation, Redemption, that is NOT what the Holy Spirit has said but that Elohim, represented by the Father – Administrator; the Son – Warrior-Messiah-Judge; the Holy Spirit – Logistics, is the plural unity implemented by “Elohim” to accomplish His perfect eschatological will within the Realm of Time.

During our spiritual intermediate state between death of the body and the resurrection, will we see and commune with the Father, Son and Spirit as individual Persons of the Trinity? I don’t know but I do believe that post resurrection we will commune with and serve our resurrected Lord in resurrected bodies forever in the New Jerusalem; therefore, I cannot deny what is written and placed before me in order to pacify mankind’s inability to understand or accurately define the Trinity. Simply because the Trinity defies human comprehension in NO WAY suggests the Trinity is not Scriptural or Elohim’s perfect will in Time and Eternity; therefore, by faith, I believe what is written as I trust the Holy Spirit void apprehension.

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