Are Christians and Jews supposed to unite against Islam?

Are Christians and Jews supposed to unite against Islam?

The faithful in Elohim’s Kingdom are supposed to be proselytizing the World with the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28) for there is no other Name given among mankind that we can be saved from death in Hell (Acts 4:12); therefore, the Jew is not our brother in Christianity as they reject Yeshua and the Gospel i.e. the New Covenant and Islam is a demonic religion initiated by a 7th-Century murdering demon-possessed pedophile named Muhammad and Islam’s Allah is Satan masquerading as an angel of light via the Arabic Moon god (2 Corinthians 11:14); therefore, the Christian does NOT have a brother in Judaism or Islam; therefore, the Christian’s only Advocate in this life constrained by Time is the indwelling Holy Spirit and understand outside the faithful in Jesus, the Church and the Spirit, you are on your own; therefore, KNOW what you believe and why you believe it and be ready to fight for the Kingdom even if it means death of your body in Time.

The faithful in Jesus will endure as this World, dying in Satan’s filth, becomes exponentially hostile to Christianity and the Christian; and remember this, NOT everyone who names the Name of Jesus Christ as Lord is your brother as there exists a plethora of sects, cults, religions, who blaspheme the Gospel of Grace and the Name of our God and Savior, Jesus Christ. Know your enemy!

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