Faith – A Noun and a Verb in the life of a Christian…

Faith – A Noun and a Verb in the life of a Christian…

Faith (noun) established by grace (unmerited favor – a gift)…becomes action (verb); that is, when one has placed their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and they have completely surrendered their will and their self-righteousness for the imputed righteousness of Jesus into their life and received the covenant promise of forgiveness (2 Corinthians 5:21; Hebrews 8:12); this…COMPLETELY apart from any law or works or effort…just pure and simple faith (noun) that Jesus is Lord and He died to pay our sin-debt…that faith then becomes active (a verb) having established covenant relationship with the Father and receiving the Gift of the indwelling Holy Spirit, the Spirit then initiates a work of righteousness in the New Creation (2 Corinthians 5:17) or the New Man that has resulted from the simple and pure faith (a noun) in Jesus as Lord.

It is NOT until such time one has established covenant relationship by faith (noun) – a complete surrender to the righteousness of Jesus, alone…trusting in NOTHING we have done in and of ourselves to pollute the purity and sufficiency of what Jesus has done for us at Golgotha…that we can begin to honor the Father through works of righteousness (faith actuated as a verb) done through the SPIRIT…works that actually PLEASE the Father as ONLY those works done by-and-through the indwelling Spirit (verb) not only validate the legitimacy of one’s faith (noun) but these works honor the Father and those works (verb) will be judged at the BEMA Judgment of Christ for authenticity and rewards given for those works.

These are the ONLY works of righteousness – obedience that please the Father and honor the Son and the Holy Spirit and display the holiness of God in one’s life…anything we do prior to first establishing covenant relationship with the Father by faith (noun) is filthy rags and of no account to the Father concerning righteousness or eternity with Him (Isaiah 64:6).

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