To Jacob’s children who obfuscate the culpability of their forefathers concerning Messiah’s murder…

To Jacob’s children who obfuscate the culpability of their forefathers concerning the murder of Messiah at Golgotha…

Your forefathers murdered God in flesh and cursed you with their words (Matthew 27:25) but that curse can be lifted by faith in Yeshua when you humble yourself and repent of your sin and honor the Father through the Son as your Lord. You maintain the same attitude of belligerence toward the Father as your ancestors…you deny the Son He has sent into the World to provide you blood atonement (John 6:29).

Jacob’s children, in order to circumvent their “law,” conspired with the Roman authorities to have the Roman leadership murder Jesus on behalf of the Jewish leadership; conspiracy to murder is no different than committing the murder yourself as the culpability is not lessened because the intent, the mens rea, is present.

Your only hope is to humble yourself before the Father, seek His mercy for your blasphemy of the Son and the precious Holy Spirit, and confess Yeshua as your Messiah who died for you, receive the Holy Spirit and walk in obedience to the Spirit in sanctification and experience LIFE and peace with the Father, forever (Romans 5:1); otherwise, you will perish in your sin (John 8:24) and in Perdition subsequent your last exhalation in that body of decaying flesh (Matthew 10:33; Hebrews 9:27-28; Revelation 20:11-15).

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