Legalism: Law Keeping and the New Covenant “Oil v. Water”

Legalism – Law Keeping and the New Covenant – “Oil and Water”

It is the subtle legalist existing with one foot in grace and one foot in works of the Law Covenant that is abhorrent to God. The LAW of the Covenant is NOTHING TO ME in my walk with the Holy Spirit as the Law Covenant was given by God SPECIFICALLY to Jacob’s children for the purposes of setting Israel apart from the paganism that surrounded them as God was working through the Hebrew Tribes to further His eschatological plan for all of human kind as promised Abraham (Genesis 12:3b).

The Law Covenant is NOTHING NEW but simply a reiteration of the moral law extant from the creation of the angels as an arbiter of free will; the Law Covenant simply provided the Hebrew Tribes with some codified specificity concerning behaviors they were to avoid, behaviors practiced by the pagan tribes around them, pagan filth serving pagan gods, behaviors that were especially appalling to the Living God.

This silly obsession with a LAW Covenant that condemns you to death in HELL is a spiritual illness (Romans 3:20; Galatians 3:10). The faithful in Jesus are NOT enslaved to LAWS, edicts, rules, regulations, but follow the Spirit in LOVE which manifests in obedience through PEACE with God (Romans 5:1), not strife and worry and condemnation by the Devil.

This law keeping is a spiritual illness among the weak in faith who deny the sufficiency of Jesus Christ to fully save apart from man’s self-righteousness.

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