Jacob’s Children boast in their heritage as salvation yet only the “remnant” will be saved…a lesson for humanity…

Jacob’s children boast and proclaim security in their heritage and are destroyed for a lack of knowledge via wilful obstinance…a lesson for all of humanity…

Jesus came to the lost sheep of Israel to proselytize them in the New Covenant’s Gospel of Grace as Jacob’s children through Messiah were to be “a blessing to all the families of the Earth” as per Genesis 12:3b; unfortunately, Jacob’s children broke God’s covenants that were predicated upon obedience as per Deuteronomy 28; Jacob’s children rejected their Messiah; Jacob’s children rejected the New Covenant Gospel established in Messiah’s blood (Matthew 26:28); Jacob’s children falsely accused their Messiah of blasphemy and conspired with the Roman authorities to unmercifully flog and murder their Messiah upon a tree while exclaiming that Messiah’s blood be upon them and their children (Matthew 27:25); therefore, God the Father took the New Covenant Gospel from Jacob’s children and placed them under judgment (Romans 9-11); consequently, only a “remnant” of Jacob’s children will escape the “second death” in Perdition due to unbelief (Isaiah 10:22; Romans 9:27); consequently, the Father gave the Gospel to the Gentiles as Abraham’s seed through faith (Galatians 3:14) and commissioned the faithful in Jesus Christ to take the Gospel to the ends of the Earth while the Jew and Israelite remain steadfastly hopeless in self-righteousness through law-keeping in unbelief while mocking faith.

Hope remains…

Every Jew and Israelite with the breath of life has the opportunity to repent and remove the veil of unbelief through faith in Jesus Christ as their Messiah who died for them and subsequently find life in His Name; after all, there is no other Way (2 Corinthians 3:16; John 14:6; Acts 4:12)

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