Walking daily as a Christian – an interesting scenario of repetition

Walking daily as a Christian…an interesting scenario of repetition over the years…

It’s rather odd yet predictable and eternally intriguing, but if one belongs to God the Father by faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and they walk daily seeking to honor the Holy Spirit within them, it’s almost a predictable scenario in one’s life that when circumstances arise manifesting in stress and anguish and depression and doubt…there is, almost without fail, a very bright cloud on the horizon and the inundation of darkness is the Evil One’s (or his servant) desperate attempt to dissuade you from that which is poised to manifest in your life, that which brings you unspeakable joy and that which is clearly our Lord’s work and will.

On these occasions, I pause and look toward the Heaven and say “thank you Father, thank you Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit…I know that was You!” When darkness surrounds me in my daily walk either by sight or by conscience…I now interpret this as the challenge I must endure to see God’s will on the other side of the “Son” rise; so now, in this stage of life with wrinkles in the skin and scars on my heart and in my flesh…I can see through the darkness with joy and expectancy (Romans 5:1).

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