Lee County Florida Sheriff’s Department, a Compromise with Thuggery

Law Enforcement’s Compromise with Thuggery (Lee County and Charlotte County, Florida)…

I was at the Lee County Sheriff’s Department in Cape Coral yesterday waiting for a registration appointment. I was sitting in my pick-up truck in the parking lot when I heard a LOUD motorcycle traversing the parking lot in the lane immediately behind me. I expected to observe just another LOUD biker narcissist, one of MANY polluting the communities and roadways of Florida, but I was intrigued to see a Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy operating a late model Harley FLHT-P with illegal aftermarket exhausts … very LOUD aftermarket exhausts!!!

Before entering the building, I stopped and inspected the deputy’s motorcycle and found it illegally equipped with egregiously LOUD “COBRA” aftermarket exhausts that are NOT approved by the US EPA or Florida’s State Law for operation upon our public roadways yet here it was, representing Florida’s Law Enforcement.

As I’ve traveled what used to be “America the Beautiful,” I’ve repeatedly observed our public roadways and communities destroyed by LOUD motor vehicle narcissistic thuggery; therefore, it’s not surprising that our Law Enforcement community is impotent and useless as those who have taken an oath to protect and serve the citizenry from thuggery, unrestrained thuggery amply demonstrated by the unencumbered operation of ILLEGALLY LOUD motor vehicles upon our public roadways, are not only refusing to protect us as they have sworn to do but our “Law Enforcement” community is actually engaging in the thug-life behavior.

It is amazing to watch “old men” in their “second childhood” on incredibly loud motorcycles here in Florida abusing the citizenry without conscience while Gen-Z and Millennial undisciplined youth operate illegally LOUD, INCREDIBLY LOUD, automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, racing up and down our highways and surface streets with no care or concern for the citizenry and ZERO fear of law enforcement intercession. Motor vehicle noise that is audible for a mile or more under acceleration. PATHETIC…shame on Lee County’s Sheriff and shame on Charlotte County’s Sheriff and their deputies for their impotence and compromise! It’s the non-enforcement of those things that destroy daily peace and civility and tranquility in our communities that ultimately fosters and motivates behavior that destroy the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness guaranteed us in the US Constitution.

The Truth about Loud Motorcycles, Automobiles, Trucks, the Police can’t or won’t tell you: https://rickeyholtsclaw.com/2016/03/10/the-truth-about-loud-motorcycles-the-police-wont-or-cant-tell-you/

4 thoughts on “Lee County Florida Sheriff’s Department, a Compromise with Thuggery

  1. we, two seniors, were recently threatened with eviction by the HOA because we complained about a violent biker and posted video of his abusive and illegal actions to youtube. The “HOA president” a crooked lawyer who doesn’t even live here and is only the developer of the unoccupied property, refused to listen to our side of the story (worried stories about violent bikers will hurt new lot sales maybe?). This biker has threatened me numerous times and I could never get the police to do anything. When threatened with eviction I said I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction and just broke my lease and got us out of there.

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  2. Just wait for the annual Cape Coral “Bike Night”. It is a motorcycle festival thats so loud that it probably makes Cape Coral’s founders roll in their graves.

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