Torah Observance and Righteousness with God, caution…

Torah observance and righteousness with God, please be careful…

It is the indwelling Holy Spirit provided the faithful in Jesus as Lord who anoints us with the desire to obey God’s moral law but the relevant concern is this…do not get caught-up in the apostasy of wrong thinking that you somehow have the ability to supplement the work of Jesus Christ or that you have a role to play in your salvation through Torah observance or Law keeping.

Jesus is completely sufficient as Messiah and His blood is completely sufficient to pay for your past-present-future sin and any attempt to negate or dilute the purity and sufficiency of Jesus’ sacrifice for you is very dangerous territory and subverts faith that is essential to pleasing the Father and your walk as a child of the Living God.

Please, do not grieve the Holy Spirit through self-righteousness by equating Torah observance with righteousness essential for salvation. Only Jesus kept the Law in perfection and only Jesus died to pay your sin-debt owed the Father; therefore, trust in Jesus, alone, as your righteousness and live in peace with God, forever (Romans 5:1).

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