Why does Jesus deny knowing the “Day and hour” (Mt 24:36)? Is Jesus really God?

Why does Jesus deny knowing the “Day and hour” (Matthew 24:36) and does this suggest Jesus is not Deity?

Jesus is God-Elohim-Yahweh-I AM and He and the Spirit, in accordance with order and example and perhaps federal headship, agree to a delineation of authority in the Godhead much like God mandates appropriate order within the Biblical family unit but the Father, Son and Spirit are coequal in all divine attributes. Jesus entered Time as God in Flesh i.e. Emmanuel (Matthew 1:23; John 1; Hebrews 1; Colossians 1; Philippians 2) to accomplish the Father’s divine will for eschatological purposes concerning the restoration of order in the Kingdom subsequent to the rebellion (John 6:38). Jesus made Himself a servant (Philippians 2) who entered Time “to destroy the works of the Devil” for your benefit (1 John 3:8b) and no “man” or “angel” could accomplish the unfathomable feat of creation, redemption, restoration, but God Himself (Isaiah 55:8).

Concerning the coming Day of our Lord’s 2nd-Advent…why did Jesus suggest that He did not know the Day or hour but deferred the “day and hour” (Matthew 24:36) to the Father only yet Jesus and the Father are ONE (John 10:30) and “all things” have been given over into the hands of Jesus by the Father (John 3:35)? Jesus proclaimed that “no man or no angel” knows that “Day and hour” as that Day is fluid; that is, God allows free will to play-out in Time and Eternity by necessity and that “Day and hour” will NOT manifest until the fullness of the Gentiles, those who will come to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord, has manifest and come to fruition (Romans 11:25).

The Father, as Administrator, is in complete control over the number of redeemed who will enter the Kingdom and the Father is in complete control over the hour and the Day and Jesus tells you this though apostates and servants of the Devil falsely interpret it to deny the deity of Jesus but it is that knowledge of Jesus’ deity which is a KEY indicator that one is “born again” by the indwelling Holy Spirit as the knowledge of Messiah’s deity, the absolute necessity for same, separates the redeemed in Jesus from every cult, sect, religion, in the World.
No one but God Himself could create, redeem, sustain, life within the Realm of Time as Jesus Christ is our Creator-Elohim, our Redeemer-Messiah, our Sustainer – for Eternity (Hebrews 1)…why does the World deny this? The World’s loyalty is to the Devil who blinds the mind of the unbelieving (2 Corinthians 4:4).

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